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1. Acceptable use

Please feel free to explore this automated service and, where available, contribute material to it, such as questions, posts and multimedia content (e.g. pictures, videos).

However, use of the service and materials posted to it should not be illegal or offensive in any way. You should be mindful not to:

(a) breach another person’s right to privacy;
(b) infringe any intellectual property rights;
(c) make statements that are defamatory (including towards Nestlé), relate to pornography, are of a racist or xenophobic nature, promote hatred or incite to violence or disorder;
(d) upload files that contain viruses or may lead to security issues; or
(e) otherwise jeopardize the integrity of the automated service on the Internet and or the Platform.
(f) Access or authorize anyone to access the service from an embargoed country.
(g) attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Platform, acting to deny others access to such automated Service, or authorizing any third party to access or use the automated Services on your behalf (such as anyone without a license or revealing to anyone your username and password).
(h) Use the Services to transmit, distribute, or deliver any unsolicited bulk or unsolicited commercial e-mail (i.e., spam).

Please note that Nestlé may remove any content from the Platform that it believes maybe illegal or offensive.

2. Data protection

The processing of the personal data that you provide us through this Application will be carried out on the terms set forth in our privacy notice www.nestle.in/info/privacypolicy. By using this Application or providing us with your personal data (registration information, geolocation, etc.) you acknowledge that you have read and fully understood our privacy notice, giving us your unequivocal consent to process your personal data in accordance therewith.

3. Intellectual property

3.1. Content provided by Nestlé

All intellectual property rights, including copyright and trademarks, in materials published by or on behalf of Nestlé on the Platform (e.g. text and images) are owned by Nestlé or its licensors.

You may reproduce extracts of the Platform for your own private use (i.e. non-commercial use) provided that you keep intact and respect all intellectual property rights, including any copyright notice which may appear on such content (e.g. © 2017 Nestlé).

3.2. Content provided by You

You represent to Nestlé that you are either the author of the content that you contribute to this Platform, or that you have the rights (ie: have been given permission by the rights holder) and are able to contribute such content (e.g. pictures, videos, music) to the Platform.

You agree that such content will be treated as non-confidential and you grant Nestlé a royalty free, perpetual, worldwide licence to use (including to disclose, reproduce, transmit, publish, or broadcast) the content you provide for purposes relating to its business.

Please note that Nestlé is free to decide whether or not to use this content and that Nestlé may already have developed similar content or have obtained such content from other sources, in which case all intellectual property rights in this content remains with Nestlé and its licensors.

4. Liability

While Nestlé uses all reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of materials on our Platform and to avoid disruptions, we are not responsible for inaccurate information, disruptions, discontinuance or other events which may cause you damage, either direct (e.g. computer failure) or indirect (e.g. loss of profit). Any reliance upon materials on this Platform shall be at your own risk.

This Platform may contain links to Platforms outside of Nestlé. Nestlé has no control over such third party Platforms, does not necessarily endorse them and accepts no responsibility for them, including as to their content, accuracy or function. As a result, we invite you to carefully review the legal notices of such third party Platforms, including keeping yourself informed of any changes to them.

You may be operating a third party platform and wish to link to this Platform. In this case, Nestlé does not object to such linking provided that you use the exact homepage url of this Platform (e.g. no deep linking) and do not suggest in any way that you are affiliated with or endorsed by Nestlé. You must not use “framing” or similar practices, and must ensure that the link to the Platform opens in a new window.

5. Contact us

This Platform is operated by Nestlé India Limited.

If you have any question or comment regarding the Platform, please feel free to contact us by

Phone-1800 103 1947
Email- wecare@in.nestle.com
Corporate Office
Nestlé India Ltd.
Nestlé House, Jacaranda Marg M Block
DLF City Phase II, National Highway 8
Gurgaon 122 002, India

6. Changes

Nestlé reserves the right to make changes to these terms of use. Please refer to this page from time to time to review these terms of use and any new information.

7. Governing law and jurisdiction

The Platform is intended for users from India only. Nestlé makes no representation that the products and the content of this Platform are appropriate or available in locations other than India.

You and Nestlé agree that any claim or dispute relating to the Platform shall be governed by the law of India and brought before the courts of Delhi, India

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