Zucchini Moong Sprouts Soup Recipe

Light, flavorful and comforting bowl of soup. Zucchini being a hydrating veggie is filled with antioxidants. Addition of sprouts enriches the protein content of the recipe giving it a nice chewy texture too.

Nutritional info

1/2 Cup(72.0 gm) Zucchini (Diced)
1 Tsp(5.0 gm) Whole Moong
1/4 Cup(42.0 gm) Potato (Diced)
1/4 Cup(31.0 gm) Onion (Diced)
1/8 Tsp(0.37 gm) Black Pepper (Powder)
1/4 Tsp(1.0 gm) Salt
2 Tsp(8.0 gm) Butter
As Required(250.0 ml) Water
  • Take 1 tsp whole moong, sprout and boil it. Keep aside.

  • Take a frying pan at a low flame, add 2 tsp butter, 1/4th cup chopped onion and sauté.

  • Further, add 1/2 cup chopped zucchini, 1/4th cup chopped potato and mix.

  • Once the vegetables are slightly browned, pour in a little water, add 1/4th tsp salt and 1/8th tsp black pepper powder.

  • Cover and allow it to cook.

  • Once simmering, pour it in a blender. Blend it to liquid consistency and transfer to a serving bowl.

  • Sprinkle 1 tsp of previously cooked whole moong.

  • Garnish with black pepper powder.

  • Serve piping hot.