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Walnut Katli Recipe

This delicious, delectable Indian sweet is world famous. Its a very good brain boosting recipe and good for growing kids.

Nutritional info

  • 7.6 gm
    Total Fat
  • 0.1 mg
    Vitamin C
  • 9.6 mg
  • 0.3 mg
  • 6.2 gm
  • 1.3 gm
  • 1.4 mcg
    Vitamin A
  • 98.2 kcal
5 Chopped Tbsp(47.0 gm) Walnut
30 Ml(30.0 ml) Water
2 Tsp(8.0 gm) Ghee
1/4 Powder Tsp(0.5 gm) Green Elaichi
2 Tbsp(26.0 gm) Sugar
  • To make syrup

    In a heated pan add 2 tbsp sugar and add water as required.

  • Boil till one strand consistency is achieved.

  • Add prepared walnut powder and stir well to make paste.

  • Stir continuously till it separates from pan.

  • Add 1/4 tsp green elaichi powder, 2 tsp ghee and mix well.

  • Spread clean wrap on a flat surface and then transfer the prepared mixture on it.

  • Roll to get desired thickness.

  • Cut and serve.