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Vegetable Ragi Frankie Recipe

A yummy millet snack - nutritious and filling finger food that can be packed easily in tiffin boxes too.

Nutritional info

  • 0.9 gm
  • 22.0 gm
  • 5.1 gm
    Total Fat
  • 151.2 kcal
  • 5.1 mg
    Vitamin C
  • 69.6 mg
  • 0.6 mg
  • 97.9 mcg
    Vitamin A
1 Tsp(4.0 gm) Butter
1.5 Chopped Tbsp(8.0 gm) Onion
1/8 Chopped Cup(10.0 gm) Red Capsicum
1/8 Chopped Cup(10.0 gm) Yellow Capsicum
1/2 Tsp(2.0 ml) Lemon Juice
1/2 Tsp(2.0 gm) Green Chilli Paste
1 Chopped Tsp(4.0 gm) Garlic
1 Chopped Tsp(2.0 gm) Ginger
2 Chopped Tbsp(12.0 gm) Cabbage
1/4 Boiled Diced Cup(26.0 gm) Sweet Potato
1/4 Flour Cup(51.0 gm) Ragi
20 Ml(20.0 ml) Water
2 Tsp(7.0 ml) Oil
1/4 Tsp(1.0 gm) Salt
1/2 Tsp(0.63 gm) Black Pepper
1 Tsp(0.37 gm) Garam Masala
  • Knead 1/2 cup ragi flour into a dough, roll and roast it on a pan and make a roti. Keep aside.

  • In a pan, add 1 tsp oil, 1 tbsp chopped onion, 1 tbsp chopped red capsicum, 1 tbsp chopped yellow capsicum, 1 tsp grated garlic, 1 tsp grated ginger, 1/2 tsp green chilli paste and saute all ingredients.

  • Add 1/4th tsp salt, 1/4th tsp black pepper powder, 1/4th tsp garam masala, 1/4th cup mashed sweet potatoes and mix well.

  • Turn off the flame, add 1 tsp lemon juice and mix well.

  • Take 2 ragi roti, place the stuffing in center, top it with 1 tbsp julienne green cabbage and 1 tbsp julienne onion.

  • Roll the roti with stuffing, roast it on tawa with 1 tsp butter

  • Serve it with ketchup or chutney.

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