Amaranth Rice Flour Paratha With Ghee Recipe

A twist to the tradition paratha, made from rajgira flour. Amaranth / Rajgira traditional indian millet rich in calcium and iron. The paneer and milk in the dish contribute to the excellent protein quality. Also another option available for people with gluten sensitivity.

Nutritional info

4 Tbsp(31.0 gm) Rajgira(Flour)
1 Tbsp(14.0 gm) Rice Flour
2 Tbsp(20.0 gm) Paneer(Grated)
2.5 Tbsp(28.0 ml) Milk
2 Tbsp(21.0 gm) Jaggery(Powder)
1/8 Tsp(0.25 gm) Green Elaichi(Powder)
1 Tsp(4.0 gm) Ghee
  • In a mixing bowl, take 4 tbsp rajgira flour, 1 tbsp rice flour, 2 tbsp jaggery powder along with 1/8th tsp green elaichi powder and mix well.

  • Add 2 tbsp grated paneer mixing it properly, add 2.5 tbsp milk.

  • Mixing it properly with hand, knead it into a soft dough.

  • Rolling it into a ball form, coat it very lightly with rajgira flour. Flatten and make it in a circular paratha shape using a rolling pin.

  • Heat a nonstick tava on a low flame and roast the paratha on it. Flip and spread 1 tsp ghee on the paratha.

  • Allowing it to cook, make sure both sides are browned well.

  • Serve hot.