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Radish Beetroot Green Apple Smoothie With Sugar Recipe

Radish Beetroot Green Apple Smoothie, bursting with the flavors of Radish, Beet and Green Apple, is a very refreshing and soothing summer drink.

Nutritional info

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  • 1.0 gm
  • 0.2 mg
  • 171.0 kcal
  • 36.8 gm
  • 1.4 gm
    Total Fat
  • 49.6 mg
  • 2.4 mg
    Vitamin C
  • 0.0 mcg
    Vitamin B12
  • 2.0 mcg
    Vitamin A
1/8 Cup(29.0 gm) Nestlé A+ Curd
2 Tbsp(26.0 gm) Sugar
1/4 Diced Cup(34.0 gm) Green Apple
1/4 Diced Cup(39.0 gm) Beet Root
1/4 Diced Cup(22.0 gm) Radish
  • In a blender add 1/4 cup diced radish,1/4 cup diced beetroot,1/4 cup diced green apple,1/8 cup Nestlé A+ Curd, 2 tbsp sugar, and blend in a smooth consistency.

  • Serve.