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Pumpkin Nutella Waffle Recipe

An all-time favourite Nutella Waffle made from oats and pumpkin makes this regular waffle recipe more healthy & high in fibre. The addition of nutella chips makes it yummier.

Nutrition Information per serve

  • 243.0 kcal
  • 38.7 gm
  • 2.7 gm
  • 5.7 gm
    Total Fat
  • 5.0 gm
    Total Fiber
1/4 Cup(36.0 gm) Wheat Flour (Whole)
2.0 Chopped Tbsp(33.0 gm) Dates
1/4 Flour Cup(22.0 gm) Oats
1 Tbsp(15.0 gm) Chocolate Spread
1/2 Chopped Cup(72.0 gm) Pumpkin
1/2 Tsp(2.0 ml) Oil
1/8 Tsp(0.42 gm) Vanilla Extract
1/4 Tsp(0.89 gm) Baking Powder
100 Ml(100.0 ml) Nestlé A+ Milk
  • In a bowl, add 1/4 cup oats flour, 1/4 cup whole wheat flour, mashed dates, 1/4th tsp baking powder, 1/8th tsp vanilla extract, 100 ml Nestlé A+ Milk, and mix well.

  • Add 1/2 cup mashed pumpkin and mix.

  • Pour the batter into Waffle Iron and cook.

  • Serve hot with the spread of 1 tbsp Nutella