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Pineapple Cheese Cream Dip Recipe

Best thing about this dip is the fact that you can stand around and chitty chat while enjoying a small snack in between conversations.

Nutritional info

  • 0.4 gm
  • 2.2 gm
    Total Fat
  • 0.8 gm
  • 0.6 mg
  • 0.8 mcg
    Vitamin A
  • 0.0 mg
  • 25.1 kcal
  • 2.2 mg
    Vitamin C

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1 Chopped Tbsp(6.0 gm) Spring Onion

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3 Chopped Tbsp(56.0 gm) Pineapple

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1/2 Tsp(2.0 gm) Salt

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1/4 Cup(61.0 gm) Cream Cheese
  • Add 3/4th cup chopped pinapple and 1/4th cup cream cheese with 1/2th salt and 1 tbsp chopped spring onion to a bowl.

  • Use a hand mixer to blend completely. Keep refrigerated until ready to serve.

  • Serve with your favorite crackers or veggies.