Nut Butter Caramel Dip Recipe

Nut Butter Caramel Dip is sweet dip made with caramalised sauce. It has the crunch of nuts which gives a very unique texture. It is an energy dense dip.

Nutrition Information

Per Serving: 1 Tbsp - 15.0 gm

  • 69.2 kcal
  • 4.7 gm
  • 0.1 gm
  • 5.1 gm
    Total Fat
  • 0.5 gm
    Total Fiber
5.0 Tbsp(75.0 gm) Peanut Butter
2.0 Tbsp(23.0 ml) Nestlé A+ Milk
2.0 Tbsp(18.0 gm) Coconut Sugar
  • In a heated pan add 5 tbsp peanut butter, 2 tbsp coconut sugar.

  • Allow it to warm a little.

  • Now add 2 tbsp Nestlé A+ Milk and stir well.

  • Tasty nut butter caramel dip is ready