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Mix Fruit Chutney Recipe

Mix Fruit Chutney is a spicy-sweet-sour condiment made with fresh and dried fruit, sugar, and chillies. It is super tasty & loved by everyone.

Nutrition Information per serve

  • 15.2 kcal
  • 3.0 gm
  • 0.1 gm
  • 0.3 gm
    Total Fat
  • 0.2 gm
    Total Fiber
1/2 Cup(50.0 ml) Water
1/2 Tsp(1.0 gm) Jeera
1/8 Tsp(0.56 gm) Salt
1 Tsp(3.0 ml) Oil
1/4 Tsp(0.38 gm) Red Chilli Flakes
2 Tbsp(26.0 gm) Sugar
1/4 Medium(11.0 gm) Plum
20 Gm(20.0 gm) Peach
2 Chopped Tbsp(25.0 gm) Kiwi
3 Shredded Tbsp(37.0 gm) Orange
2 Chopped Tbsp(13.0 gm) Apple
  • In a pan, add 1 tsp oil, 1/2 tsp jeera and let it crackle.

  • Then, add 2 tbsp chopped apple, 3 tbsp shredded orange, 2 tbsp chopped kiwi, 20 gm chopped peach, 10 gm chopped plum, 2 tbsp sugar and let it simmer.

  • Add water and cover and let it cook.

  • Add 1/4th tsp red chilli flakes, 1/8th tsp salt and mix well.