Matki Usal (Dry) Recipe

Matki usal is a gluten-free sabzi from Maharashtra made with sprouted matki cooked in a spicy onion, tomato curry, making a flavourful and healthy dish. It's a nutritious sabzi that goes well with rice, dal, and chapati.

Nutritional info

  • 105.6 kcal
  • 13.3 gm
  • 2.7 gm
  • 3.1 gm
    Total Fat
  • 4.1 gm
    Total Fiber
2.0 Tbsp(29.0 gm) Matki
1.0 Chopped Tbsp(8.0 gm) Onion
1.0 Chopped Tbsp(3.0 gm) Coriander Leaves
1.0 Chopped Tbsp(13.0 gm) Tomato
1.0 Tsp(5.0 gm) Ginger Garlic Paste
1/2 Tsp(0.82 gm) Dhania Powder
1/4 Tsp(0.37 gm) Garam Masala
1/4 Powder Tsp(0.54 gm) Red Chilly
1/4 Tsp(0.93 gm) Rai
1/4 Tsp(0.59 gm) Jeera
1/8 Tsp(0.29 gm) Haldi
0.13 Tsp(0.56 gm) Salt
1.0 Tsp(3.0 ml) Oil
120.0 Ml(120.0 ml) Water
  • Heat 1 tsp oil in a pan.

  • Add 1/4th tsp rai, 1/4th tsp jeera and let it crackle.

  • Add 1 tbsp of chopped onions, and saute until it turns golden brown.

  • Next, add 1 tsp ginger garlic paste,1/8th tsp haldi, 1/2 tsp dhania powder, and 1/4th tsp red chilli powder and garam masala.

  • Add 1/8th tsp salt and 1 tbsp chopped tomatoes.

  • Mix well adding a sufficient quantity of water.

  • Then add the soaked matki, more water as required, mix well and cook.

  • Finally, garnish with1 tbsp of chopped coriander leaves, mix well and serve.

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