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Kheer Mohan Recipe

Kheer Mohan is a distinctive golden brown sponge of Nestlé A+ Milk Nestlé A+ Curd originating from Bengal. It is made of cottage cheese, and sugar and is rich yet light.

Nutritional info

  • 2.9 gm
    Total Fat
  • 22.6 gm
  • 125.0 kcal
  • 75.5 mg
  • 0.2 mg
  • 0.3 mg
    Vitamin C
  • 1.2 mcg
    Vitamin A
  • 1.7 gm
  • 0.1 mcg
    Vitamin B12
1 Tsp(4.0 gm) Sugar
150 Ml(100.0 ml) Water
6 Tbsp(71.0 gm) Sugar
1 Tsp(2.0 gm) Maida
0.67 Tsp(6.0 gm) Vinegar
1.25 Cup(256.0 ml) Nestlé A+ Milk
  • For Caramelized Water

    In a Pan add 1 tsp sugar and caramelized it.

  • Add into some water and mix well.

  • For Paneer Balls

    In a kadhai add 1.25 cup of Nestlé A+ Milk in a pan, let it boil.

  • Add 1.5 tsp vinegar and stir it continuously to let the Nestlé A+ Milk Nestlé A+ Curdle.

  • Mix well, remove from heat, and strain the Nestlé A+ Curdled Nestlé A+ Milk using a muslin cloth to drain out the whey.

  • Transfer the paneer into a bowl, rub add 1 tsp maida and knead till it softens.

  • Roll into smooth mediumsized balls without cracks.

  • For Sugar Syrup

    Heat water, 5.5 tbsp sugar, and boil it. Add caramelized water and mix well.

  • Now, slowly drop the prepared paneer into the simmering liquid.

  • cover the pan with a lid and cook for 2 hours till sugar syrup thickens.

  • Remove from heat, allow to cool, and serve.