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Idli Pizza Recipe

To avoid the monotony of regular idli this Idli Pizza is a great option. A perfect dish to end the week. Add the colourful veggies to bring about a healthy twist. A perfect way to incorporate all kinds of vegetables into your diet.

Nutrition Information per serve

  • 105.3 kcal
  • 10.3 gm
  • 2.0 gm
  • 5.1 gm
    Total Fat
  • 2.4 gm
    Total Fiber
1 Grated Tbsp(8.0 gm) Mozzarella
1/8 Tsp(0.13 gm) Oregano
1/8 Tsp(0.18 gm) Red Chilli Flakes
1/8 Tsp(0.54 gm) Salt
1 Chopped Tbsp(10.0 gm) Capsicum
30 Ml(30.0 ml) Water
1 Tsp(3.0 ml) Oil
3 Tsp(11.0 gm) Urad Dal
4 Tsp(13.0 gm) Suji
1 Grated Tbsp(9.0 gm) Carrot
1 Chopped Tbsp(8.0 gm) Onion
1 Chopped Tbsp(6.0 gm) Cabbage
1/8 Powder Tsp(0.37 gm) Black Pepper
1 Chopped Tsp(0.92 gm) Coriander Leaves
1 Tsp(5.0 gm) Pizza Sauce
1 Tsp(4.0 gm) Butter
  • In a Bowl Add 1 tbsp grated carrot add 1 tbsp chopped onion, 1 tbsp chopped capsicum, 1 tbsp chopped cabbage, 1 tsp chopped coriander leaves, 1/8 tsp black pepper powder, 1/8 tsp salt

  • (N/T) add 1 tbsp grated cheese and mix well.

  • Take 1 Idli slit one Idli in two Part spread 1 tsp Butter and pizza sauce, vegetables mixture, 1 tbsp grated mozzarella cheese, sprinkle 1/8 tsp chilly flakes, 1/8 tsp oregano

  • Heat 1 tsp butter, place Idli Pizza

  • Cover & cook in low Heat till cheese Melt

  • Serve Hot

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