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Green Thecha Jowar Paratha Recipe

Jowar paratha is a great variation over the regular paratha. Jowar is a rich source of fibre and phosphorus. Flavoured with spicy thecha mix enhances the taste. Pair it up with a bowl of plain Nestlé A+ Curds or raita for a complete meal.

Nutrition Information

Per Serving: 1 Number - 102.0 gm

  • 197.4 kcal
  • 31.9 gm
  • 2.4 gm
  • 4.3 gm
    Total Fat
  • 6.0 gm
    Total Fiber
2.5 Tbsp(14.0 gm) Green Chilli Paste
1 Grated Tsp(11.0 gm) Garlic
1 Tsp(3.0 ml) Oil
1/4 Tsp(1.0 gm) Salt
1/4 Tsp(0.6 gm) Haldi
1/4 Tsp(0.74 gm) Hing
1/4 Tsp(0.93 gm) Rai
1/2 Tsp(1.0 gm) Jeera
1 Tsp(4.0 gm) Lemon Juice
25 Ml(25.0 ml) Water
1/3 Flour Cup(40.0 gm) Jowar
  • Green thecha

    In a pan add 1 tsp oil, 1/4 tsp rai, 1/2 tsp jeera, 1/4 tsp hing and mix well.

  • Add 1 tbsp each of grated garlic and green chilli paste and 1/4 tsp haldi, 1/4 tsp salt, 1 tsp lemon juice.

  • Cook It well and save for later.

  • For Jowar Paratha

    In a bowl add 1/3 cup jowar flour and add water.

  • Knead dough and pat evenly on dough.

  • Add Stuffing of green thecha, fold and seal the dough.

  • Gently pat and make paratha.

  • Put on a pan and apply water on top and side and turn other side.

  • Roast it.