Goan Dal With Drumsticks Recipe

Goan dal with drumsticks is a healthy and nutritious dal preparation made with boiled dal, chopped onion, tomatoes and drumsticks giving a boost of calcium and antioxidants.

Nutritional info

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  • 2.9 gm
  • 3.9 gm
    Total Fat
  • 4.4 gm
    Total Fiber
  • 14.2 gm
  • 120.4 kcal
3.0 Tbsp(51.0 gm) Tur Dal
2.0 Grated Tbsp(12.0 gm) Fresh Coconut
2.0 Chopped Tbsp(16.0 gm) Onion
2.0 Chopped Tbsp(25.0 gm) Tomato
6.0 Number(44.0 gm) Drumstick
1/4 Chopped Tsp(0.62 gm) Garlic
1/4 Tsp(1.0 gm) Green Chilli Paste
4.0 Number(0.44 gm) Kadi Patta
1/2 Tsp(2.0 gm) Rai
1/2 Tsp(1.0 gm) Jeera
1/4 Tsp(0.6 gm) Haldi
0.13 Tsp(0.37 gm) Hing
1/2 Tsp(2.0 gm) Salt
1.0 Tsp(3.0 ml) Oil
100.0 Ml(100.0 ml) Water
  • For coconut paste,

  • In a blender, add 2 tbsp grated coconut, 2 tsp chopped onion, 1/2 tsp jeera and water as required.

  • Grind the mixture into a fine paste and keep aside.

  • For the dal,

  • In a thick bottom pan, add the boiled dal, cup blended coconut paste and mix well.

  • Once mixed, add 1 blanched drumstick, 2 tbsp chopped tomato, mix well, pour in a small bowl and keep aside.

  • In a another kadhai, heat 2 tsp oil.

  • Add 1/4 tsp rai, 4 kadi patta, 1/4 tsp chopped garlic, 1/4 tsp green chilli paste, 1/8 tsp hing and mix well.

  • Season with 1/4 tsp salt and mix.

  • Add the tempering to dal.

  • Serve hot with rice.

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