Eggless Buckwheat Oats Pancake With Butter Recipe

Buckwheat in combination with oats made into soft, airy, fluffy pancakes topped with a syrup or toppings of your choice makes a healthy snack or breakfast option.

Nutritional info

  • 116.9 kcal
  • 20.0 gm
  • 1.1 gm
  • 2.6 gm
    Total Fat
  • 32.5 mg
  • 0.6 mg
  • 0.4 mcg
    Vitamin A
  • 0.1 mg
    Vitamin C
  • 0.0 mcg
    Vitamin B12
1/4 Cup(51.0 ml) Nestlé A+ Milk
2.0 Flour Tbsp(17.0 gm) Buckwheat
2.0 Flour Tbsp(12.0 gm) Oats
2.0 Powder Tbsp(22.0 gm) Sugar
1/2 Tsp(2.0 gm) Vanilla Extract
1.0 Tsp(4.0 gm) Butter
0.13 Tsp(0.56 gm) Salt
  • In a mixing bowl, take 2 tbsp buckwheat flour, 2 tbsp oats flour, 2 tbsp powdered sugar, 1/2 tsp baking powder, 1/8 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp vanilla extract and 3 tsp melted butter.

  • Pour in 1/4 cup Nestlé A+ Milk and whisk well.

  • Heat 1 tsp butter on a nonstick fry pan at a low flame.

  • Take a scoopful of the batter, put it in the pan and spread equally to form a pancake.

  • Flip and make sure both sides are browned well.

  • Serve fresh and hot.