Broken Wheat Soya Milk Porridge Recipe

A lactose free alternative to regular porridge made with the goodness of soy milk. Broken wheat porridge recipe is the most filling and soothing food for gut. Broken wheat or cracked wheat or dalia is rich is calcium, most essential nutrient for the bone health. A quick easy breakfast meal.

Nutritional info

  • Heat 1 tsp ghee in a frying pan at a low flame, add 2 tbsp dalia and start roasting.

  • Once the dalia is roasted, pour in 1 cup soy milk, cover the pan with a lid and allow it to cook.

  • Once the dalia is slightly thickened, add 1 tbsp sugar, 1/4th tsp cardamom powder and mix well.

  • Making sure all the ingredients are mixed properly, allow it to simmer for a few minutes until the desired consistency is obtained and transfer it to a serving bowl.

  • Garnish the dalia with almond slices.

  • Serve hot.