Crunchy Kiwi Delight Recipe

Kiwi is a powerhouse of antioxidants and fiber. A healthy dessert with the right combination of dark chocolate, kiwi and walnuts making it the best option to beat the heat during summers.

Nutritional info

2 Tbsp(17.0 gm) Dark Chocolate(Grated)
1/4 Cup(63.0 gm) Whipped Cream
2 Tbsp(5.0 gm) Corn Flakes
1/4 Cup(46.0 gm) Kiwi(Chopped)
1.5 Tbsp(14.0 gm) Walnut(Chopped)
  • Take a mixing bowl, add 1/4th cup cream and whip it. Keep aside.

  • Take 2 tbsp dark chocolate and melt it in a double boiler. Keep aside.

  • Take a glass and make a layer of chopped kiwis at the bottom.

  • Spread half of the previously whipped cream on it.

  • Drizzle 1 tbsp melted dark chocolate and add 1 tbsp corn flakes on top.

  • Further, sprinkle 1.5 tbsp chopped walnut.

  • Decorate with rest of the whipped cream and 1 tbsp dark chocolate.

  • Serve chilled.