White Bread Caramel Sandwich Recipe

Caramel sandwich is quick and easy to make. Caramel sandwich is a great lunch box treat.

Nutritional info

2 No.(120.0 gm) White Bread
1 Tbsp(14.0 gm) Cream
3 Tbsp(39.0 gm) Sugar
3 Tsp(12.0 gm) Butter
As Required(10.0 ml) Water
  • To make caramel

    Heat 3 tbsp sugar, add water as required

  • Add 3 tsp butter, 1 tbsp cream, stir it well and allow it to thicken

  • Take it out in a bowl.

  • Apply the made caramel on one side of both the bread

  • Place both the bread on each other the caramel side facing inside.

  • Cut and serve it.