Broad Beans Thoran Recipe

A simple South Indian delicacy made with seasonal veggie, coconut and minimal spices. A side dish that pairs best with steamed rice or dosa. Including greens is very vital in a child's meal, broad beans are rich in both folate and B vitamins, which is essential for nerve and blood cell development, cognitive function and energy.

Nutritional info

  • For making broad besan thoran

  • Take a kadhai and heat add 1/2 tsp oil in it.

  • Add 1/4th tsp rai, 1/4th tsp urad dal, 4 kadi pattas, 1/2 cup chopped broad beans, 1/4th tsp salt and stir.

  • Add a little water, cover and allow to cook well.

  • Once cooked, add 1 tbsp grated fresh coconut and mix well.

  • Serve hot with rice. Enjoy.