Banana Spinach Vegan Smoothie Recipe

Banana spinach vegan smoothie is refreshingly healthy recipe filled with a combination of protein, carbs and fiber and good fat – a delicious mix of ingredients to tide you over until lunch time and easily accepted by vegans.

Nutritional info

1/8 Cup(21.0 gm) Banana(Sliced)
1.5 Tbsp(27.0 gm) Palak(Chopped)
3/4 Cup(107.0 ml) Coconut Milk
1 Tsp(3.0 gm) Almond(Chopped)
2 Tsp(9.0 gm) Sugar
  • Preparation

    In a blender add 1/8th cup sliced banana, 1 tbsp chopped spinach,1 tsp chopped almond, 2 tsp sugar and 3/4th cup coconut milk.

  • Blend it to smooth consistency.

  • Serve chilled.