Apple Smoothie (Soy Milk) Recipe

Apple smoothie is a refreshing and nutritious drink packed with vital nutrients like vitamin C and vitamin B12. They are naturally fat and cholesterol free and can easily be enjoyed by lactose intolerant kids and adults Tastes best when served chilled.

Nutritional info

3/4 Cup(97.0 gm) Apple(Chopped)
1/2 Cup(121.0 gm) Soy Curd
1/4 Tsp(0.55 gm) Cinnamon Powder
2 Tsp(9.0 gm) Sugar
  • In a blender jar, add 3/4th cup of chopped apple, 1/2 a cup of soy Nestlé A+ Curd, 2 tsp sugar, and 1/4th tsp cinnamon powder.

  • Blend to a smooth consistency.

  • Serve chilled in a tall glass.