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Over 650 quick and easy food recipes that help you plan a healthy and balanced diet to ensure adequate nutritional intake for your child. We offer healthy recipes and nutritious meal ideas for all meal occasions.

Looking for healthy recipe ideas for your child?

Here is our collection of recipes to improve your child’s nutritional intake.

Healthy Recipes

You need not worry about what to cook for your child anymore. Choose from a wide variety of healthy food recipes for them, catering to all meal occasions as per their meal and regional preferences, age, and food allergies.

From Fussy to Easy

Giving your child an interesting and delicious meal is important, and we help make that happen by providing healthy child-friendly recipes for your fussy eaters that help meet and maintain their nutritional needs.

Tiffin Inspiration

Want to solve the daily hassle of tiffin dilemmas? Prepare tempting and delicious tiffin recipes for your child, that fulfills their nutrition and makes meal enjoyable even at school.

*Disclaimer: Please check the ingredients used to identify if your child is allergic to any particular food. The suggestions shared are for guidance purpose for a healthy child up to 12 years of age. To know more we recommend you consult a doctor or a registered dietician