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Top 5 Ways To Handle Your Picky Eater

For 6 month–2 year old kids

Is your child a picky eater? If yes, then you must be knowing how difficult it can get to feed your baby.

Here are a few tricks and tips on handling a picky eater at home:

  • 1

    Introduce vegetables repeatedly to your veggie-hater baby:

    • Vegetables are a rich source of minerals and vitamins that promote healthy cell growth and strong bones. They are also rich in fiber that help to ease out indigestion and stabilize blood sugar. But what if your child makes faces seeing vegetables, then it means he dislikes vegetables.
    • According to recent studies, it could even take up to 15 attempts to try any new food item with a baby. Experts recommend that mothers should repeatedly expose their babies to new food without forcing them to eat. This eventually develops taste for the new food in the baby. After all, food without vegetables lacks many important minerals and nutrients that are important for your baby’s growth.
  • 2

    Compartmentalize food items to avoid mess in your baby’s plate

    • Many mothers offer their baby food like mashed potatoes or rice and pulses mixed together, but babies might get upset seeing this mess in their plates. Instead of mashing and mixing food, try compartmentalizing different food items to make the plate look clean. In this case, at least the child is ready to eat, all he wants is no mess in his food.
    • You can serve your baby food in a single plate but keep all the food items separate. You can also use a plate that already has compartments. This way your problem could be easily solved. Try to avoid foods that look messy, you can hide such foods in chapatti and serve to your baby.
  • 3

    Introduce fruits in different ways:

    • Do you find it difficult to include fruits in your baby’s diet? Don’t worry! It’s a common incident with many babies wherein mothers try to serve fruits but they simply refuse to eat. Fruits are a rich source of many important nutrients. They 100 % cholesterol-free and are naturally sweet. So, mothers cannot do away without including fruits in their child’s diet.
    • You can prepare various fruits delicacies like smoothies or custard, decorate them with chocolate syrup or top them with cherries. This way you would be able to serve fruits to your child. Believe these are easy and quick to make.
  • 4

    Cook home-made food for your fast-food junkie:

    • If your little one loves gorging on junk food, then this might take a toll on his health, as they are low on nutrition and high in fat, sodium, and sugar content. Moreover, these are prepared unhygienically with poor quality oil.

    For these types of kids, mothers can prepare many dishes like noodles, vegetable rolls, vegetable sandwiches, etc. at home. Any food prepared at home is much better and hygienic than commercial preparation. Remember, you as a mother, have to make your child love the food he eats!

  • 5

    Add ingredients of the food which your baby enjoys to other food items:

    • Find out what and why your child likes to eat and make your other food interesting
    • After you find out that special element – could be anything, any particular vegetable or ingredient - then add that element in any new food you introduce your child. Remember you have to understand your baby’s preferences and choices before forcing anything on him.

Following the above-mentioned tricks, you can introduce healthy food in your fussy kid’s diet and solve the problem of fussy eating in your baby.