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Guide To Introducing Finger Foods To Your Baby

For 6 month–2 year old kids

Watching your baby feed himself is an overwhelming experience. No mother would want to miss the look on her baby’s face when they pick up their food for the first time.

As exhilarating as it sounds, the experience of introducing finger foods to your baby can also be nerve-wracking in the beginning. However, amidst all the worrying about allergies and choking hazards, here are a few brilliant ways to get your baby started with the finger foods:

  • 1

    Inculcate healthy eating habits in your infant with introduction of finger foods:

    Encourage the child to eat by himself and assist him when required.

  • 2

    Avoid complicated food items

    Avoid the kind of food which can lead to choking. Instead, introduce simple food to your child.

  • 3

    Food should be easy to handle

    Make a point that the food given is easy to handle. Cut meat, vegetable and fruits in bite size pieces and provide small cutlery. Mash the potato and vegetables for easier consumption.

  • 4

    Be careful of choking

    Make sure that your child does not choke on the food. Avoid small round foods like grapes, popcorn, boiled corn, raisins etc.

  • 5

    Introduce foods that vary in different textures and flavour

    This helps your child’s palate to get accustomed to varied items and avoids fussy behaviour towards trial of food in future situations.

  • 6

    Avoid fried foods

    When introducing finger foods to baby, remember that fried foods are not a good option for infants and should be strictly avoided.

  • 7

    Avoid force feeding your child

    If your baby rejects a food item, introduce it in a different form after a few days. Force feeding can create a feeling of aversion to that particular food that can make the child dislike the food for life.

  • 8

    Make the food look palatable and attractive

    There is a high possibility, your child will eat the food if they like the look of it.

  • 9

    Environment of the child while eating his meals is very important

    Eating with the family, and eating what the family eats, may help in a positive impact on your child. This also increases the chance of acceptance of food. Children imitate those members that they admire. If your child sees positive acceptance towards the food the family eats, they will not create a fuss upon being fed.

  • 10

    Fulfil your baby’s nutrient intake

    Along with the mother’s milk, nutrient dense food will fulfil the nutritional requirements of your baby.

Knowing how to start finger foods is essential for mothers so that they can fulfil their baby’s food requirements in the right way. With the help of the aforementioned tips, you can easily feed your baby with delicious and flavourful finger foods.