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Tasty Tips To Tackle A Fussy Eater

What can be done when your child has a mealtime meltdown? A growing child needs both macro and micro-nutrients for a proper functioning of their bodies. Macronutrients include carbohydrates, fat and proteins, which we mainly get from cereals, milk products and pulses. Micro-nutrients are vitamins and minerals available in food items like eggs, carrot, sweet potatoes, fruits and vegetables. So, what can you do to power your choosy eater’s plate?

healthy meal ideas for fussy eaters

Here are a few handy tips that encouraged my child to have food consisting of all the essential nutrients for his growth.

  • 1

    Add colour to your chapatis

    Stuff the chapatis with spinach, green vegetables, fenugreek (methi leaves) or grated beetroot to add some colour, flavour and variety. These additions make for a colourful and nutritious meal. This way, your child won’t be missing out on an important meal of the day.

  • 2

    A glass full of flavourful milk

    Add powdered dry fruits to your child’s glass of milk. You can also add kesar, seedless juicy dates or elaichi. Try it and you’ll see it does wonders!

  • 3

    Say cheese with paneer

    Doesn’t cheese always win the game for our children’s dinners? A great idea is to use a cheesy twist in roti wraps and curries. Even spinach soup goes from ‘okay’ to ‘yum’, when topped with some grated paneer.

  • 4

    Healthy snacking: yes, it exists!

    My evening supper menu is mostly fixed. I prefer offering my son scrambled eggs or a bowl of hot soup before his playtime.

  • 5

    Let’s play with colours

    You can give a shot at decorating their bowl with colourful fruits.

  • 6

    The magic of gur

    Substitute sugar with gur (jaggery) in winters. Use jaggery in choori, kheer, ladoos or simply clustered with ghee on rotis to give them a taste of healthy sweetness.

  • 7

    Whole-wheat cereals

    Just switching to whole-wheat cereals, oats, bread and even bakery items can help your child have a fibre-rich diet. Adding oats to burger tikki makes it crunchier and makes it a hit on health quotient too.

  • 8

    Juices and lemonades

    There is nothing like fresh juices or a mint lemonade. When your picky eater asks for a drink, offer them a combination of juices.

  • 9

    What’s up honey?

    Simply spreading honey over roti or adding it in drinks are a few tasty options for picky eaters. Honey is rich in macro and micro-nutrients.

Over the years, I have learnt that force-feeding is not a wise option with children. Food should be enjoyed, not pushed in. I hope these tips will help you get your fussy eater to gobble up the food served to them.