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How I Helped My Picky Eater Maintain A Healthy Weight

For 4-7 year old kids
5 minutes read

Do you have a picky eater at home? Do mealtimes seem like a struggle? Well, you are not alone. Even I have gone through times when my little one would push the plate away, even if it’s their favourite dish. But that’s okay, we have a bunch of effective solutions. So, worry not! Here are some tried-and-tested tricks that helped my child maintain a healthy weight.

healthy meal ideas for picky kids
  • 1

    Meal makeovers!

    Effective presentation is the key. A selective eater will turn their face if served a plain chapatti. Instead, you can serve a chapati roll stuffed with sabzi, along with chutney and carrot sticks.

  • 2

    Increase calorie intake

    Most children switch to skimmed milk after the age of 2 but I continued giving my child whole milk (full cream) to increase her calorie intake. You can also supplement your child’s diet with cheese and yogurt. Try sprinkling cheese over steamed vegetables to make it appealing for them.

  • 3

    Give your child healthy fats

    Oils that contain unsaturated fats are good for gaining weight. Have you tried wheat noodles tossed in olive oil? Dry fruits are the bearers of healthy fats. You can include them in your desserts like custard and kheer.

  • 4

    Sneak in some veggies

    If your child is fond of soups, sneakily add veggies or chicken to the broth.

  • 5

    Who doesn’t like being appreciated?

    Acknowledge and appreciate them. Rewards such as extra playtime, cute stationery items and a treat like their favourite dessert encourage children to finish their meals.

  • 6

    Patience is virtue

    Always remember that change doesn’t take place overnight. Pressuring them to eat a certain thing may only get worse instead of getting better. As a result, you child will begin eating less.

  • 7

    Increase water intake to keep them hydrated

    I began noticing that my daughter didn’t drink enough water, in fact, not even the minimum quantity a day. I switched her regular bottle with an attractive light-weight thermos. This way, we carry it wherever we go. This helped in increasing her water consumption and keeping her hydrated for the whole day.

  • 8

    Say no to distractions

    TV during dinner time is a big distraction. Switch to meal time dialogues with your child; a sure shot way to keep them involved. Dinner time is story telling time for us. I tell her stories citing my own examples of how I started eating a particular vegetable.

  • 9

    Smart snacking!

    Avoid all kinds of food, which are high in sugar and salt, like chips, cookies, chips, and candies; these are unhealthy and can adversely affect your child. Switch to healthy snacks such as soups or milkshakes.

Lessons through the journey of ‘I don't want it’ to ‘some more, please’:
  • Observe what your child is saying no to. Your child might be allergic to certain food items. For instance, they may feel nauseous when they consume dairy products. You should always consult a pediatrician to understand what is best for your little champ.
  • Pleasing their taste buds with variety is a smart solution to deal with a fussy eater.