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How To Ensure A Healthy Calorie Intake In Toddlers

For 4-7 year old kids
5 minutes read

When your child is a fussy eater, they may have to go through a slow growth. Your child eats selective things and may not receive the required amount of calories for their healthy growth and development. Well, feeding my little eater nutritious food that impresses her taste buds is an everyday task for me. And top it with ensuring proper calorie intake! It definitely sounds like a challenge, doesn't it? But let me share how I managed to do so.

healthy meal ideas for toddlers health

Benefits of adding healthy calories to your child’s diet

  • Adding the right amount of healthy calories and nutrition in your child’s diet keeps them active and energetic.
  • Apart from providing energy to perform daily tasks, calories are also necessary for organs to function properly.

While a proper intake of calories is essential for your child to stay energetic, it is also important that your toddler is physically active to burn them too. Not burning enough calories may lead to weight gain, which can be unhealthy for them.

Here are a few ways by which I ensure my child intakes healthy calories. You can try them as well!

  • 1

    Healthy happy fats

    Use good/healthy fats like homemade cream, cheese, homemade butter and ghee. You can add ghee or butter in your child’s dals and vegetables or on parathas

  • 2

    Magic of jaggery

    Replace sugar with jaggery. It’s a healthier option. You can even sprinkle powdered jaggery over fruits, and use it in desserts. Jaggery supports healthy immune system and it helped solve my toddler’s constipation issues.

  • 3

    Buttery soups

    Include butter in soups or spread some on sandwiches.

  • 4

    High-fibre diet

    Serve whole-grain or high-fibre breads and cereals rather than refined grain products.

  • 5

    ay no to juices

    Limit your child’s juice intake. Instead, you can serve them a variety of whole fruits and vegetables.

  • 6

    Overfeeding is harmful

    Why overfeed your child? While as a mom you might feel as though your child hasn’t eaten enough, but overfeeding results in unhealthy weight gain.

Some precautions:

  • Avoid market food products that contain artificial flavours and colors.
  • Always encourage your child to perform outdoor play activities as it improves blood circulation.
  • Physical activity is a complete problem solver for a child with a low appetite. It improves digestion and also helps in supporting healthy bones and the overall development of your child.
  • Divide your toddler’s meals into 4-5 times a day. At times, I offer my little one her favourite food by adding a healthy twist to it.