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Healthy Eating Guide For Winters

For 7-9 year old kids
5 minutes read

By the time January arrives, you’d find me eagerly waiting for warmer days. Although my daughter, Avanthika and I love winters, this season usually worries me due to the outbreak of many infections and allergies. So, what can you do to keep your child warm all throughout the harsh winter months?

While you can ensure that your child eats a proper diet that consists of fibre, minerals, and vitamins, it is also important to include vitamin D in their diet. Due to limited outdoor activities during this season, vitamin D doesn’t get easily absorbed by the body. Here are a few mom-tested tricks to outsmart the winter infections. These will help you give a boost to your child’s immunity.

immune boosting foods for kids in winters
  • 1

    Give them lots of fruits and vegetables

    Increase your child’s intake of seasonal vegetables (especially green leafy veggies) and fruits. These contain immunity-boosting plant nutrients such as vitamin C and carotenoid. Some other highly nutritious fruits and vegetables that help boost your child’s energy level and immunity are garlic, dates and citrus fruits.

  • 2

    Go fish!

    Include oily fish like salmon and hilsa in your child’s diet to ensure a supply of vitamin D.

  • 3

    The eggceptional days

    Aren’t winter menus incomplete without eggs? Eggs are packed with iron and vitamins, and are a rich source of proteins.

  • 4

    Cheesy surprises

    Cheese is a nutrient dense food. It is a source of calcium and protein. Cheese can be easily included in the diet because usually children can’t say no to cheese.

  • 5

    The good old ghee!

    Give your child one spoon of ghee every day during winters. Put it in their vegetables and dals or serve a dollop of ghee on paranthas.

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    Rich-in-health soups

    Serving steaming hot soups is a smart way to incorporate healthy veggies into your child's diet. This is how I make my daughter eat the veggies she dislikes. Did you know that during the cooking process, some naturally found antioxidants become easier to get absorbed? For instance, lycopene in tomatoes. This makes preparing soups even more worthwhile. I usually add extra immunity-boosting ingredients like garlic and ginger to the mix, which also enhances the flavor of the soup.

  • 7

    Nutty nuts

    Nuts are warm and loaded with nutrients. They are also a source of minerals like magnesium, selenium, zinc, iron and chromium. I give my daughter an assortment of nuts, sprinkle her desserts with grated nuts and include it in her milk.

  • 8

    Jaggery, the desi chocolate!

    No exotic chocolate can beat the taste of gur. It is believed that jaggery is healthier than sugar and it provides enough calories to keep the body warm during winters. Minerals such as phosphorus, iron, magnesium, zinc and potassium are found in jaggery. It also contains antioxidants that keeps your child’s immune system strong.


About the author

Ambili S Kartha is a mother to a 13-year-old teenage daughter. She shares her hands-on tips, tricks and recipes she uses to impress her daughter.