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7 Ways to Help Your Toddler Achieve The Right Growth Potential

For 2-4 year old kids
5 minutes read

Don’t we all want our children to grow up tall and strong? Although my daughter is a picky eater, I want to improve her diet. I want her to grow taller than me and achieve each developmental milestone without any difficulties. I am constantly asking myself whether I can do anything to make sure she is meeting all the growth markers that can influence the healthy growth and development of my child.

Here are a few practices I have adopted to ensure the healthy growth and development of my toddler. I hope these are helpful for you as well!

healthy height and weight gain tips toddlers
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    A healthy diet

    If your child keeps demanding for their favourite food repeatedly, stop giving in to their demands after a point in time. Explain the importance of a balanced diet to them. A diet that contains proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals in the right measure is the most appropriate one for your little one’s growth. As a mother, I made sure that I wasn’t just loading my toddler’s diet with only one of these nutrients. Eventually, I also stopped bringing home unhealthy food like chips, sugary items and candies.

    Instead, I offer her a juicy raw carrot or a fruit as a snack. We always keep our home stocked with dry fruits and snack on them. On seeing this, my daughter has adopted the same habit.

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    Stretching exercises are a must

    Even though children at this age are pretty active, encouraging your child to do stretching exercises, is a good starting point. Any kind of physical activity helps a child grow and helps them achieve their growth potential. My daughter is a hyperactive child. So, the outdoor activities that she’s involved in, help her a lot as she’s able to utilize her energy there.

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    Our mornings start with yoga sessions. When I practice my poses, my daughter imitates me and tries to do them too! Together, we do a lot of stretching. Yoga helps in a child’s growth and helps with increasing their concentration power.

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    If your toddler loves being in water, there is nothing better than swimming. It’s always a good idea to start early. Swimming is probably the only activity that offers a full-body exercise as the movements work on each muscle. It strengthens the spine and forms the foundation for a healthy body.

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    Stick to a routine

    I try ensuring that there is a proper gap between my daughter’s eating and sleeping time. We have scheduled time slots and interesting names for every activity planned for the day. For instance, play time is called, ‘Let’s go wild time’.

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    Is their language developing?

    By now, your child has moved past just blabbering. Usually, a two-year-old can say single words and has a vocabulary of 50-100 words. A 3-year-old or above can speak with a combination of two or more sentences.

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    A healthy and consistent sleeping schedule ensures proper growth of your child. Your little one needs at least 10-12 hours of sleep and a nap during day time. I try ensuring my daughter sticks to her sleeping schedule. This also goes a long way in making her a happy child!