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7 Excellent Benefits of Probiotics for your Little Ones

For 0 – 2 years old kids

Are you constantly worried that your child is going to be prone to infections because of low immunity? Do you keep looking for ways to improve the overall health of your little one? If you want to strengthen your child’s immune system, there is no better alternative to probiotics.

7 Excellent Benefits of Probiotics for your Little Ones

These ‘friendly bacteria’ should be an essential part of your child’s diet.

Here are 7 excellent benefits of giving your child probiotics:

  • 1

    Reduce gastrointestinal problems

    Approximately 30% of the population in developed countries is affected by food-borne diarrhea every year. Probiotics could prove to be an important means to reduce the problems associated with gastrointestinal tract.

  • 2

    Strengthen immune system

    Baby’s immune system plays an important role in promoting health. These probiotics help in developing and improving your child’s immune system. They help in fighting various infections like urinary tract infection, etc.

  • 3

    Reduction of allergy

    Probiotics go a long way in fighting against allergies and reduces the effects of the same in your and your baby’s body.

  • 4

    The baby’s feed impacts the type of bacteria in their gut

    Before a child is born, their intestine is sterile and free from any sort of microorganisms, but as soon as the baby starts taking milk feed and is exposed to the environment, various type of bacterial growth develops in their gut area, depending upon the type of feed your baby gets. Baby probiotics improve the intestinal function and help strengthen the immune system. So, the sooner probiotics microflora is established in your baby’s intestine, the better it is for their overall health.

  • 5

    Significance during pregnancy and lactation period

    If a mother takes probiotics regularly during her pregnancy and the lactation period, it highly influences the development and composition of the probiotics microflora in your child’s body and helps strengthen their immune response to pathogens.

  • 6

    Probiotic intake during pregnancy strengthens immunity of the child

    Presence of probiotics in a mother’s diet during her pregnancy, lactation and breastfeeding period strengthens the immune system of the baby, and provides protection against atopic eczema until the child is 2 years old.

  • 7

    Synthesis of Vitamin K

    Probiotics not only boost the baby’s immune system in one or the other way, but they also help in synthesis of Vitamin K in their body and Vitamin K helps to control diarrhea up to a great extent.

It is very clear from the above points that there is no alternative to probiotics for your child’s healthy growth. Probiotics are not only of a high significance for both mothers and babies but also an essential component for their well-being. Therefore, it is very important for mothers to include probiotics in their diet during pregnancy and breastfeeding, if they want to see a strong immune system and healthy growth pattern in their little ones.