Karthik पूछा गया
24th जनवरी, 22 12:19 AM

My kid is 2.4 years old.His height is 84cm and weight is 10.5kg..He is very active ..Is it ok or do o need to consult doctor

  • AskNestle Comment १ वर्ष 7 महिना

    Hi there, thanks for your question! According to our growth tracker, your son may be slightly underweight. For his age, his ideal weight should be between 12.3 kg and 14.4 kg. As he's active, it's a positive sign that he's healthy. If you have concerns, you can contact your paediatrician for healthy ways to gain weight.

    Right nutrition is critical for your child's holistic growth. You can access meal plans customized to your child’s growth and dietary preferences: https://www.asknestle.in/meal-plan

    We hope this helps!