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how to make cerelac

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    Hi there, thanks for your question! Preparing cerelac is a very easy process, here are the instructions:

    • Wash your hands before preparing your baby’s food. 
    • Make sure all utensils (spoon, bowl) are thoroughly clean.  
    • Boil clean drinking water for 5 minutes. Allow to cool until it becomes lukewarm.
    • Measure 60 mL and pour lukewarm water into your baby’s bowl. 
    • Add 15 g cerelac, around 1 tablespoon. 
    • Stir until the cereal is a smooth consistency and feed immediately using a clean spoon. 
    • Discard any uneaten portion.

    Water can be substituted with baby’s usual milk if desired. If you're preparing cerelac with breast milk, it may become more watery. Reduce the quantity of breast milk added to achieve desired consistency. You can add extra nutrients if you prepare cerelac with breast milk or infant formula.

    We hope this helps!