Huma पूछा गया
7th नवंबर, 21 02:38 AM

Hi my baby is 2 year old but he is underweight what i add in his diet can i add cheese or butter

  • Naziya Naziya 6 महिना

    Dear mother 

    * Try with potato, give bread with butter, peanut butter

    * after meals give milk( after breakfast n in evng i.e at Maghrib time) 

    * Everyday make ur child eat atleast 1 banana (if child cannot eat 1 banana at once give half in morning, other half in afternoon or evng) 

    * Give boiled eggs 

    * Give nuts

    My xprns says if u atleast include one particular food in routine it definitely increases weight. Whatever it may be, it may be just bread or biscuit, etc 


    ​​​Don't worry, how u look outside doesn't matter, when from inside u r healthy  and bone density is good it's just enough! ?


  • Asknestle Comment 6 महिना 2 सप्ताह

    Hi, thanks for your question! 

    Like most parents, we're sure you want to do what's best for your child. But you know how kids are, they grow at their own pace! 

    Although cheese and butter are good sources of calcium, too much or too little of anything can be bad, and this holds true for your child’s weight and height as well. To help your child gain weight, a balanced diet is the most important step! Fortunately you don't have to put the effort to create a balanced diet, here's a free meal plan you can use for your 2-year-old boy:

    This article has useful information about helping your child gain weight in a healthy way:

    If you still have concerns, we suggest you contact your paediatrician. We hope this helps!