Weight loss is the buzzword that everyone is talking about. Continue reading to learn helpful tricks, tips, and diet food for weight loss that can assist you on your quest to lose weight.

Weight loss is probably the most discussed topic that is out there, with so much being said but very little of it being clear. You flip through a health magazine, browse the net, there is an overload of information about weight loss tips, but you are still left confused about what you need to do. Sounds familiar? This is what leads to people following fad diets as they desperately want to shed those extra kilos, which in turn have innumerable bad side effects on their health.

The golden rule of any fat loss diet is to achieve a calorie deficit, simply put eat fewer calories than you burn. A good well-balanced weight loss food is the one that has all the major components, i.e., carbohydrates (whole grains), protein (legumes, chicken, eggs), and fat (nuts, seeds) that meet your requirements. It is pivotal to any weight loss diet plan. So let’s go ahead and learn about the best fat burning foods available.

Weight loss tips:

Certain weight loss tips that can come in handy in your weight loss journey are listed below.

  1. Exercising is very crucial if you want to lose weight. If you have not started on anything , start by walking for 30 minutes daily. The fundamental rule of weight loss is to burn more calories than you eat, which can be done by doing any kind of physical activity that you love like dancing, strength training, boxing, running, etc.
  2. Follow a balanced diet instead of falling for  fad diets or weight loss plans that completely eliminate or restrict a food group. Having balanced meals is always a sustainable option to opt for. Eliminating a food group will only increase your cravings and you will also end up having major health issues. Right food consumed at the right time is essential. Try to have  your meal at a fixed time to maintain your regular biological clock . 
  3. A very important weight loss tip at home is to make sure you stock up on healthy snack options like cucumbers, carrots, nuts, or any fruit. This can help you make better choices when you feel very hungry.
  4. Drink atleast 2.5 to 3 litres of water everyday. Thirst can also be misinterpreted as hunger, thus keeping yourself hydrated is essential. A decrease in eating and an increase in lipolysis are the main ways that increased water consumption  causes body weight loss. Drinking more water will speed up your body's metabolism, which will lead to weight loss.
  5. Chronic stress affects your metabolism thus hampering weight loss. Deep breathing exercises can help manage stress in your daily life. You can even indulge in your favourite hobby which is an excellent way to manage stress.
  6. Getting adequate and good quality sleep is a very important component in any weight loss plan. Not getting enough sleep increases hormones that cause hunger thus leading to midnight cravings and overeating.
  7. Consult a qualified nutritionist to help you achieve your weight loss goal.

Try these weight loss tips at home and how your health improves in no time.

7 day diet plan for weight loss:

The following is a sample diet plan for weight loss that you can follow. Please do note that there is no one diet plan that can be applied to everyone. Consult your doctor/ dietitian  before altering your diet.

Days Breakfast Midmorning Lunch Evening snack Dinner
MONDAY Oat bowl with nuts and seed Fruits/Nuts Brown rice,dal and vegetable sabzi Makhana, sprouts bhel, carrot and cucumber sticks Multigrain chapathi roll with shredded chicken and vegetables
TUESDAY Besan ka chilla with tomato chutney Millet pongal and vegetable salad Chicken soup and quinoa vegetable salad
WEDNESDAY Egg omlette loaded with vegetables Wheat pasta with vegetables and multigrain garlic bread Brown rice bowl with sautéed paneer and salad
THURSDAY Multigrain paneer sandwich Brown rice, chicken gravy and sprouts salad Vegetable salad and tofu vegetable salad
FRIDAY Idli and sambhar Multigrain chapathi , dal and curds Brown rice and rajma masala
SATURDAY Carrot dosa and dal chutney Millet chicken biryani and raitha Multigrain roti and green gram curry
SUNDAY egetable poha Brown rice, fish curry and salad Ragi roti and sprouts sabzi


*The quantities can be customized according to the calorie requirement.

Food that will help with weight loss:

  1. Whole grains: In the hustle-bustle of our daily life, simple and quick pick me up meals are what is the need of the hour. When such quick-fixes are not available, that is when we choose junk, thus ending up hampering our weight loss journey. A bowl of whole grains like oats, barley, quinoa, and buckwheat are some of the best options that you can include in your diet for weight loss. These whole grains provide you with plenty of fibre and protein while keeping the sugar to the minimum gives them a spot in the list of highly effective fat burning foods. Add in fruits and nuts to these grains and you get a balanced meal that tastes delicious and keeps you full for a long time too.
  2. Pulses and legumes: Pulses and legumes like chickpeas, navy beans, and kidney beans contain plenty of protein and soluble fibre that can slow down digestion and induce the hormones that signal fullness. This in turn results in lower food ingestion and makes it an excellent weight loss food. 
  3. Non vegetarian foods: Non veg foods like eggs, lean chicken meat, beef steak, etc are a good source of high quality protein and an excellent weight loss food. Research shows that eating a protein-rich breakfast aids in weight loss by giving you enough satiety. In fact, breakfast made out of hard boiled eggs is an ideal diet food for weight loss. The simplest way to lose weight is to cut down calories which can be done by including eggs in your daily meals.
  4. Fruits and Vegetables: Many fruits and veggies contain high fibre and water content with a low calorie profile. Incorporating foods like apples, guava, pineapple, tomatoes, pumpkins, carrots and more may help you lose weight fast.
  5. Milk Products: Dairy products like curd, low fat milk, etc. are rich in nutrients and keep you full for long hours. Hence, it’s essential that you do not cut down on milk products when you’re trying to lose weight. Try these easy to prepare buttermilk recipes at home.
  6. Nuts and seeds: Fibre is the king when it comes to weight loss. And what better source of fibre than nuts and seeds? A teaspoon of seeds added to your smoothies, energy balls, puddings, etc. will instantly boost your food’s fibre content. This is one of the reasons why nuts and seeds are considered great fat burning foods. Try adding almonds, pistachios, chia seeds, peanuts, and sesame seeds to your meals daily and you’ll soon find yourself fitting into your old jeans.

In their natural state, fruits and vegetables have high water and fiber content and thus are low in calories and energy density. of high energy density. Research Review: Eating fruits and vegetables may help manage weight. Losing weight can be very difficult, even for the highly motivated.


Closing line:-

Being on the higher end of weight can lead to a plethora of health issues. But the solution to this is not to choose a fad diet that cannot be sustained for long. Instead, have healthy, balanced meals in your diet for weight loss, coupled with a good workout routine.

Managing stress and getting good quality sleep are also very important for you to add to your weight loss plan. Take small steps and make sure that they become a part of you, thus converting them into life-long habits that will lead to a healthy life.