Whether you’re a kid or an adult, hydration is important for all. Learn how water rich summer foods like cucumbers, oranges, and watermelons can save you from the effects of the scorching summer heat. 

Water Rich Foods that Will Keep You Hydrated in Summer


Dehydration occurs when our body's temperature shoots up too much in the summer, causing excessive sweating and water loss. When we do not drink enough water , we begin to feel thirsty, dehydrated, and our body starts to lose more stored water than we take in, which ultimately causes excessive loss of fluid and makes us feel fatigued. Fortunately, there are a variety of foods for the summer season to keep you cool.

In this article, we will take a look at the benefits of water rich foods, what foods to eat in summer, and why:

Benefits of water-rich foods

Is it true that only drinking water will resolve the issue? The answer is no. The food we eat in the summer is also crucial to maintaining the ideal water content and quality in our bodies. In fact, the water rich foods we eat account for roughly 20% of our liquid (water) intake. Here are some benefits of hydrating foods and why you need to incorporate them into your daily summer diet:

  • Water-rich foods help regularise our body temperature
  • They safeguard vital organs such as the heart, lungs, brain, liver, and others
  • Water-rich foods supply energy to our body
  • They help the body to use food nutrition in a better way
  • Consumption of water-rich foods keeps our joints fit and fine
  • These foods also promote detoxification and help flush out waste from our body

Top 10 hydrating foods for summer

Wondering what the best summer foods are? In the below-mentioned healthy summer food list, you will be able to easily find foods with high water content. While there are numerous foods with adequate water content, we’ve handpicked the best for you. These will help you plan your grocery shopping and make dietary patterns healthier. You can also get an idea about how to eat these foods daily without much hassle. Also, you should always try to grab easily available healthy summer foods instead of trying exotic, costly options. These foods can be eaten along with a daily dose of 8-10 glasses of water. These foods will fulfil a good portion of your daily water requirement.

1. Banana contains 74% water and the crucial electrolyte potassium, which reduces dehydration. A banana gives you instant energy. And as per its nutritional profile, it is one of the best options in this scorching heat.

How to have: Raw, milkshake, fruit curd and fruit custard

2. Cauliflower has 92% water, vitamin C and vitamin K. It helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels. It should always be washed thoroughly, soaked in hot water for some time, and boiled properly while cooking. This makes it easy to digest.

How to have: Roasted, as a curry, or boiled

3. Cucumber is 96% water. It also contains magnesium and vitamin K but it is very low in calories. So, it can be consumed daily to maintain a healthy weight too.

How to have: Salad, soup, smoothie, tossed in olive oil

4. Spinach has 92% water and magnesium. It is highly nutritious.

How to have: Soup, broth, boiled, cooked with dal, along with low-fat paneer

5. Radish contains 95% water and is very rich in fibre.

How to have: Salad, roasted veg, sauteed veg

6. Watermelon, a summer favourite, contains 91% water, 8% natural sugar, lycopene, sodium, magnesium, and potassium. It is a great food for the summer season and can be added to a number of salads or drinks.

How to have: Raw, juice with pulp

7. Orange contains 88% water, vitamin C, fibre and potassium. Orange also helps boost immunity and fight diseases. It also has anti-cancer, anti- inflammatory properties.

How to have: Raw, juice with pulp, salad, custard

8. Peach contains 88% water, vitamin A, vitamin C, B vitamins and potassium. So, along with water, peaches have many other health benefits.

How to have: Raw fruit salad, mixed with low-fat yoghurt.

9. Skimmed milk contains 91% water,  and the rest of it is made up of protein, vitamin A, calcium, riboflavin, vitamin B12, phosphorus and potassium. Calcium in milk helps make bones strong and healthy. It can easily be used as a health drink normally and especially after exercise.

How to have: 1 cup or glass without sugar, smoothie, milkshake

10. Tomatoes give 94% water, lycopene, fibre and vitamin A. These can be used in any recipe easily. Tomatoes also improve immunity, offer protection against several diseases, and are very good for heart and dental health.

How to have: Roasted, sauteed, curry, salad, sauce, chutney (low oil)


Beating the heat is not so difficult if we eat healthy and hydrating summer foods. Refer to the summer foods list discussed above the next time you go to the supermarket. This will help you fight dehydration and improve your heat tolerance level. Use this bright, sunny season as an opportunity to refresh and energise yourself and your loved ones.