Ragi, commonly referred to as finger millet, is a time-honoured grain deeply embedded in the Indian diet. Packed with vital minerals and vitamins, this millet can do wonders for your hair and skin. Read on to learn more about the hidden benefits of ragi.

Ragi, also known as finger millet, is an ancient grain that has been a part of the Indian diet for centuries. It has resurfaced in recent times as a superfood that health enthusiasts across the country are now integrating into their diets. This millet is packed with nutritional benefits like boosting immunity and improving gut health and is also a great protein- and fiber-rich option for diabetics. However, something we often don’t often hear about is the numerous ragi benefits for skin and hair. Read on to learn more about the hidden benefits of this mighty millet.

Ragi Nutrition

The numerous ragi benefits for skin and hair can be attributed to its abundance of C, E, and B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, iron, and phosphorus. Let's have a look at the nutritional profile of ragi:

Nutrient Amount / 100 g
Energy 320.74 kcal
Protein 7.16 g
Dietary Fibre 11.18 g
Niacin 1.34 mg
Calcium 364
Phosphorous 210 mg
Potassium 443 mg
Iron 4.62 mg
Thiamine 0.37 mg
Methionine 2.74 g
Lysine 2.83 g
Selenium 15.30 mcg

In the next section, we discuss the numerous benefits of ragi for skin:

Top Ragi Benefits for Skin

Ragi is packed with certain vitamins and antioxidants that play a crucial role in giving you radiant and healthy skin. Here are some of the main ragi benefits for skin:

  • Ragi contains essential amino acids: Methionine and lysine, as well as vitamins such as vitamin B3, that help keep the skin youthful and healthy.
  • Amino acids also play a crucial role in a process called collagen crosslinking of skin, which leads to wrinkling. Ragi hampers this process, thereby preserving the skin’s elasticity and reducing the stiffness associated with ageing
  • Calcium, vitamin E and C, and selenium present in ragi help in creating new and healthy skin, healing scars, and preventing skin damage from harmful UV rays from the sun while also keeping it hydrated.
  • Packed with phenolic acid and antioxidants, one of the main ragi benefits for skin is that it ensures your skin remains resilient against the harmful effects of free radicals, which are the result of environmental stressors and can lead to cell damage, eventually manifesting as wrinkles and loss of firmness.

In the next section, we talk about the incredible ragi benefits for hair growth and nourishment that make this millet a must-have for your daily diet. Without any further ado, let’s discuss ragi benefits for hair.

Top Ragi Benefits for Hair

Packed with a range of essential nutrients, the ragi benefits for hair are many! Here’s why incorporating this millet into your diet can give you strong hair:

  • Ragi is full of proteins and amino acids like methionine, which are the building blocks of keratin, the key protein in hair. Ragi can not only promote hair growth but also strengthen hair follicles and reduce hair fall.
  • Ragi's benefits for hair aren’t limited to just growth and strength. Antioxidants like vitamin C and vitamin E found in finger millet help prevent premature greying of hair and premature balding caused by damage to tissues by free radicals.

How to Include Ragi in Your Diet

Getting started with millets has never been easier. Listed below are some simple and foolproof methods that increase the ragi benefits for skin and hair.

● Soaking:

Not only does this method slash cooking time, but it also enhances digestibility. What's more, soaking actually boosts the nutritional value, bioavailability, and bioaccessibility of minerals in this superfood.

● Fermenting:

The fermentation of ragi not only enhances the flavours and textures but also improves its nutritional qualities, including protein and fat content.

● Popping:

After popping, finger millet grains become porous and crunchy, creating a convenient precooked instant product with a delightful aroma and taste.

Tasty Ragi Recipes

Take advantage of the benefits of eating ragi for skin and hair health by following any of the delicious recipes below:

1. Ragi almond malt:

Stay energised this summer with this refreshing ragi almond malt mixed with jaggery. It's the perfect cooler to keep you going on those hot days.

2. Ragi banana chocolate pancakes:

Indulge your little ones with these Sunday morning pancakes that are both delicious and packed with nutritious ingredients like banana, chocolate, and jaggery.

3. Ragi dhokla:

A perfect snack for the entire family, these ragi dhoklas are soft and nutritious, packaged with calcium and amino acid goodness for getting all those ragi benefits for hair and skin.


Finger millets boast an impressive nutritional profile, including essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. The numerous ragi benefits for skin and hair give this grain a well deserved spot on your plates. It promotes healthy skin by boosting new and healthy skin formation, reducing signs of ageing, and providing protection against UV damage. For hair, the amino acids and antioxidants in ragi contribute to healthy growth and the prevention of premature greying. It is crucial to seek guidance from a healthcare professional regarding any specific skin concerns before modifying your diet. Embrace the power of ragi and unlock its remarkable benefits for glowing skin and luscious hair.