Were you also the kid who used to resist eating green leafy vegetables? Guess what, our parents were right! Green veggies are essential to our body’s overall development and should be included in our daily diet. Let’s uncover the treasure trove of green leafy vegetables benefits and the nutrient composition of the five most commonly used green leafy vegetables in Indian households. 

Green leafy vegetable intake has a positive effect on human health. Since childhood, we have been hearing that we should include dark green leafy vegetables in our diet. It promotes positive health and contains dietary fibre along with other vitamins and minerals. These veggies can impart multiple health benefits if we include them in our daily diet in the form of green vegetable soups, curries, green parathas etc.

According to dietary guidelines for Indians, every adult man and woman should consume at least 100 grams/portion of green leafy veggies in a day.

We will further discuss some green leafy vegetables benefits and some healthy green leafy recipes that are good for health and can boost your immunity.

Nutritive values for some dark green or green leafy vegetables

According to the IFCT (2017), below, we have listed 5 green leafy vegetables that have high nutrient content and are commonly consumed in Indian households.

Commonly eaten green leafy vegetables/green food (100 gram of edible portion)
Nutrients Amaranth Mustard leaves (Sarson ka Saag) Drumstick leaves Fenugreek leaves Spinach
(Cholai) (Sehjan) (methi saag) (Palak)
Carbohydrate 2.28 2.41 6.41 2.17 2.05
Protein (g) 3.29 3.52 6.41 3.68 2.14
Calcium (mg) 194 191 314 274 82.2
Iron (mg) 4.64 2.84 4.56 5.69 2.95
Carotene (µg) 20473 6397 38765 12755 9553
Thiamine (mg) 0.01 0.08 0.06 0.11 0.16
Riboflavin (mg) 0.19 0.18 0.45 0.22 0.1
Vitamin C (mg) 83.54 60.32 108 58.25 30.28


You can include green leafy vegetables in your diet in the form of smoothies, curries, soups, green parathas etc.

Health benefits of leafy greens

The benefits of eating green leafy vegetables are immense. According to the Indian dietary guidelines, dark green vegetables are categorised under protective foods as they contain antioxidants, beta-carotene and dietary fibre. Moreover, they are nutrient dense and fight against many skin ailments, reducing the risk of infections and inflammation.

Let’s read about some green leafy vegetables benefits and understand why they are essential for your holistic growth:

  • Nutrient dense:  Dark green or green leafy vegetables contain vitamins A, B, E, K, and C, and beta-carotene etc. They also contain antioxidants and dietary fibre that impart protective effects on your body and improve your immunity.
  • Low calorie food: Dark green leafy vegetables are low in calories and should be consumed regularly if you are planning to lose weight. 
  • Low fat and cholesterol: If you are planning a low-calorie meal, then including dark green vegetables in your diet is essential. Why? because they are low in fat and cholesterol and add variety to your diet.
  • Anti-anemic properties: Green leaves vegetables are known to have anti-anemic properties as they promote blood formation and can increase your haemoglobin level. 
  • Promotes easy digestion: Leafy greens have dietary fibre that promotes smooth digestion and prevents constipation.
  • Disease fighting agents: Dark leafy greens have protective food properties and fighting agents (phytochemicals) that may aid in preventing various diseases like diabetes and hypertension. 
  • Healthy eyesight and skin: Carotene present in green leafy vegetables encourages healthy eyesight and the presence of vitamin C improves your skin texture.

Thus, daily consumption of leafy greens is essential for your health. There are many evidence-based studies that suggest that their consumption helps you stay in shape while boosting your immunity. 

Some easy green leafy healthy recipes

Green leafy vegetables are a great choice for the proper nourishment of your body. Here are a couple of tasty and healthy green leaves vegetables to fill your plate with the goodness of vitamins and minerals:

Banana Spinach Power-Packed Smoothie: A power-packed smoothie to start your day with.

Mint Guava Kiwi Summer Drink: A refreshing summer friendly drink.

For more delectable recipes, check out our healthy recipe portal.


In India, we have many varieties of leafy greens, including mustard leaves, cabbage, spinach, fenugreek, kale, and many more. There is a positive link between optimum health and green leafy vegetable consumption as they are packed with vitamins and minerals. Include them in your diet and see how they provide you with a treasure trove of health benefits.