Fat loss diet plan is a broad concept concerning everything from fat-burning foods to gender specific food compositions. The fat loss diet plan for males is slightly different from the fat loss diet plan for females. Following this fat burning diet plan closely can have dramatically positive effects on your fat loss goals. 

Fat loss diet plan: the right approach

Engaging in exercise and choosing low-fat foods has gained significant momentum in recent years and is proven to be a trusted recipe for a healthier life. Lifestyle modifications like physical activity, managing stress levels and dieting play a mass at add ⁹⁰ive role in weight management. 

However, once you’ve started on that track, prevention of undesirable weight gain due to excess body fat is another important component to consider. If you’re especially keen on a fat loss diet plan to shed the extra pounds and manage your ideal weight, here are some top suggestions that will help you out—make sure to consult your doctor or nutritionist before altering your diet.

Fat-lowering foods

1. High fibre foods like whole grains (ragi, jowar), pulses (soya, rajmah), vegetables and fruits: 

  • Fibre slows down digestion, provides bulk to the diet, and imparts a feeling that you’re full, thus reducing hunger pangs.
  • A specific kind of fibre, known as soluble fibre found in foods like oats, peas and beans, citrus fruit, carrot, barley, etc. can also reduce the absorption of fat and further help with weight loss. 

2. Amla: 

  • Amla is an excellent source of Vitamin C, which is required for healthy skin. 
  • Along with other benefits, research suggests amla possesses anti-obesity properties and can be a prominent food in your fat diet plan. It can be beneficial in increasing the High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) – the good type of fat required in the body that can lower the bad cholesterol from blood.  

3. Yoghurt and low-fat milk:

  • Yoghurt has a good amount of protein, which will help you control your appetite and ensure that you only eat how much you require without overindulging in food. 
  • Apart from yoghurt, low-fat milk like toned milk, with its high protein content, can also help in weight loss. 

4. High protein foods like eggs, lean meat and fish:

  • A low-fat diet plan makes it almost compulsory to increase protein intake owing to its numerous benefits. That increased protein intake can be fulfilled by foods like eggs, lean meat and fish.
  • Diet high in protein sources like  meat ,skim or low fat yoghurts ,poultry, quinoa, and tuna have been observed to increase satiety after meals. 

5. Cinnamon: 

  • Cinnamaldehyde is the compound present in cinnamon, and it is speculated that it can activate fat cells to break down in order to provide energy, a condition that is termed thermogenesis. 
  • Try this Honey Cinnamon Drink to include this spice in your everyday menu!

6. Green tea:

  • Loaded with antioxidants, green tea is an important component of most low fat diet plans. It has a range of benefits, including reducing cholesterol levels and managing weight. 
  • Black tea is exposed to air while green tea is not, which is why green tea has a higher level of polyphenols – a group of compounds obtained from plants that have a protective effect on our health, including management of obesity. 

Planning a diet for fat loss

While planning such a diet, one must ensure that the protein intake is high. This would imply the person requires 1.2-1.6 g of protein per kg of body weight. Physical activity, a guided diet plan and good discipline are the key factors for achieving fat loss and good health. Below is a sample of one of the best diet plans for fat loss for both males and females.

Before opting for any diet plan, it is important to consult your doctor or dietician to gain a better understanding of what your individual body requires. There is no one best diet plan for fat loss that can help everyone get the body of their dreams, as we all have different bodies with different nutritional needs. The provided sample plans are for guidance purposes only.

Fat loss sample diet plan for males

For men considering losing weight, the following is an easy and practical fat loss diet plan:

  • Early Morning: Green tea with lemon and with 2-3 mint leaves 
  • Breakfast: Ragi Porridge + 2 hard boiled eggs / poha + bowl of nuts
  • Mid-Morning: Boiled and sauteed  chicken + Egg Mayo Flaxseed Dip / roasted foxnuts
  • Lunch: Soya Matar Pulao + steamed fish + salad[ cucumber+carrot+onion]+ ½ bowl curd with roasted jeera powder and black salt./ soya matar pulao with cucumber riata 
  • Evening Snack: Chikpea protein soup / chickpea salad+ A fresh bowl of cut fruits sprinkled with sunflower seeds + 1 fillet of salmon with cabbage 
  • Dinner: Quinoa Salad + milk  / 2pc chicken + 2 multigrain roti 
  • NOTE:- Avoid sprinkling or garnishing salad with extra oil and salt . try to consume it in a simple way. 

Fat loss sample diet plan for females

Here’s a diet plan for women looking to reduce the inches around their waist:

  • Early Morning: Lemon tea / detox water with 4-6 almonds 
  • Breakfast: Bajra pancakes + low fat milk/ smoked egg with toast
  • Mid-Morning: Chickpea salad + Amla juice / 2 boiled egg 
  • Lunch: Brown Rice Sprouts Pulao + Egg Masala Dry /soya chunk pulao + raita + salad 
  • Evening Snack: Poha Khaman + yoghurt with chopped berries/ 1 hardboiled egg + chamomile tea
  • Dinner: Lentil Soup + Cinnamon tea / cereals cooked with pulses and vegetables + salad / prawn curry + rice


It is a common fact that obesity and uncontrolled food consumption are doorways to several lifestyle diseases in today’s time and age. A fat loss meal plan does not indicate starving. A well-balanced diet with adequate physical activity is the key to fitness and maintaining a healthy weight. By including fat-burning foods and following a fat free diet plan that cuts down on the harmful type of fat obtained from food, one can attempt to maintain the ideal weight.