Chia seeds are considered good for health, and rightfully so! They are a good source of protein and provide satiety. Chia seed weight loss plans are popular across the world. Learn some easy ways to incorporate them into your diet, right from flavorful smoothies to delicious snacks!


The term "superfood" is quickly picking up pace in the nutritional market and is often used to define foodstuffs that are considered to have significant health benefits. The grey coloured oval chia seeds also belong to the superfood category. As functional ingredients in the diet, eating chia seeds can be advantageous to the body beyond their nutritional value.

This implies that apart from fulfilling the basic functions of providing protein, healthy fats, and certain minerals, they can also be used to promote overall health and prevent certain diseases. Read on to explore the health benefits of chia seeds and how these tiny seeds are revolutionising the world of nutrition!

Chia Seeds Nutrition

  1. High protein source: Protein is found in every cell of the body and is a building block of skin, bones, and muscles. It is also required to repair and heal damaged tissues. Chia seeds are high in protein, with 16.54g per 100g, and eating chia seeds may help in boosting the body’s protein reserves. 
  2. Good supplement for healthy fats: Chia seeds are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, the kind of fats that play an important role in providing structure to cell membranes.
  3. Antioxidants: Chia seeds contain antioxidants like chlorogenic acid and quercetin, which protect organs.
  4. Fibre: Chia seeds are also a great source of dietary fibre, with 34g per 100g. Fibre is well known to be beneficial for the digestive system. Even a small serving size of 10g of chia seeds can help you meet more than 10% of your daily fibre requirement.
  5. Essential source of minerals: Chia seeds nutrition profile boasts of providing several minerals like calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. These micronutrients help in bone development and maintain good bone mineral density. They contribute to a number of other roles in the body like muscle and heart function.

Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

Provides satiety: Fibre is that part of the food that must be consumed due to its phenomenal health benefits. Chia seeds are rich in dietary fibre, providing around 34g of dietary fibre per 100 g. This indigestible component is associated with providing satiety (feeling of fullness) after a meal and decreasing subsequent hunger, which may help with weight loss.

In fact, a lot of research supports chia seeds benefits in the prevention of lifestyle disorders like cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

  1. Brain Superfoods: The high omega 3 fatty acids in chia seeds make them brain superfoods and are proven to improve intelligence. They are also necessary for the optimal function of the immune system. During pregnancy, eating chia seeds helps in the development of the retina and brain of the foetus.
  2. Stabilise blood glucose and heart protective: It is observed that daily consumption of 37g of chia can stabilise blood sugar levels, prevent heart attack, and can even lower blood pressure. Another one of the health benefits of chia seeds is that they can effectively reduce cholesterol levels and inhibit the clotting of blood.
  3. Antimicrobial property: Chia seeds benefits include their impressive antioxidant content, which are substances that protect cells from damage and stabilise the molecules in our body that can cause harm. Antioxidants are highly regarded for their ability to reduce the risk of chronic diseases like cancer and also offer protection against some disorders like diabetes. Several pieces of research outline the anti-aging properties of chia seeds.
  4. Versatile ingredients: Owing to their subtle flavour and texture, they can be easily incorporated into several foods without losing their original flavour. Additionally, they have gelling properties and can also be crushed into flour. From mixing them in health drinks to sprinkling them in desserts, chia seeds uses are innumerable as listed in the recipes below!

Eating Chia Seeds

From smoothies to spreads, here’s how you can incorporate chia seeds into your diet.

1) Apple Chia Seeds Smoothie:
Drinking chia seeds through smoothies is an exceptional way to include them in the diet. Blend chia seeds with some sliced apples, curd, sugar(optional) and a pinch of nutmeg to prepare a delicious drink. Both the apples and chia seeds used in this recipe contain the antioxidant quercetin, which can help protect against tissue injury and is also important for bones in its ability to prevent osteoporosis.

2) Puffed Rice Chia Chikki:
An excellent snack to munch between meals, chia seeds can be made into chikkis. This chikki is a healthy alternative to dessert and is high in iron and fibre! To make the chikki at home, dry roast the chia seeds till they turn golden. Now, add the desiccated coconut, puffed rice,  and cardamom powder to the chia seeds and mix well. Chia chikki is an excellent weight loss snack. It is a good source of vitamin D, fibre, riboflavin and thiamine.

3) Peanut Butter Banana Chia Spread:
Oozing with protein and healthy fats, you can use this spread over toast or as an accompaniment to salads. The gritty texture provided by chia seeds in the smooth spread is sure to be a feast for your taste buds and overall health! To prepare this spread, mash some chopped bananas and add a little peanut butter. Then, add a spoonful of chia seeds and mix properly.

4) Carrot Chia Raita:
This raita is refreshing and filled with Vitamin A and fibre, which will keep you full and energised when consumed alongside a main course. Take a bowl and add curd, grated carrot, coriander leaves, chia seeds, and some salt and jeera powder, and mix well. Filled with beta-carotene, this raita will also help you keep your eyes healthy.


Chia seeds are a no-fuss ingredient and can be incorporated into a variety of dishes throughout the day. The health benefits of chia seeds are vast. They are a wonderful source of nutrients like protein, omega 3 fats, micronutrients and antioxidants that bolster internal wellness and protect against a range of diseases. 

To get more of these vital seeds, attempt to add them to your drinks and snacks and ensure you don’t miss out on chia seeds uses - the functional food that has proven merits for well-being!