Want to cut down on your belly fat? A healthy diet is as important as rigorous exercise to achieve a flat belly. Regularly eating these 7 wholesome foods that burn belly fat can help you achieve your fitness goals faster. 

7 wholesome foods to manage belly fat

In India, abdominal obesity has been noted as one of the major risk factors for various lifestyle diseases. Consistent and effective changes in your diet pattern, which include foods to lose belly fat, physical activity, and lifestyle, can only lead to a reduction in belly fat.

To make things a little simpler and easier for you, we have listed below certain foods to reduce belly fat:

  1. Oats: The fibre-rich oats help reduce cholesterol and also ensure that your digestive mechanism is efficient. Including oats in your diet to lose belly fat keeps your gut healthy and has anti-inflammatory properties too. It has more protein and fewer calories as compared to most other cereals. Oats khichdi, oats cutlet and oats poha are some of the many preparations of oats that you can have as breakfast, thus starting your day right.
  2. Flavonoid rich fruits and vegetables: It has been found that women who include flavonoid-rich foods in their diet to lose belly fat have been found to have less abdominal fat than those who don’t. But what are flavonoids? Flavonoids are compounds that are found in brightly coloured fruits and vegetables like berries, grapes, beetroot, pomegranates, apples, etc. Beetroot cutlet, pomegranate salad, apple milkshake are some flavonoid-rich foods that can be delicious and healthy for you to include in your diet to burn belly fat.
  3. Nuts: Nuts are tiny but powerful foods that burn your belly fat. Other than being rich in vitamins, minerals, protein, and omega-3 fats, nuts are also loaded with fibre, which provides you with satiety. Peanuts especially have resveratrol (a compound that has antioxidant properties) which has been found to reduce fat in your body. A peanut chikki for a snack can be a tasty and good option to add to your daily diet.
  4. Curd: A diet to reduce belly fat that is deficient in calcium is associated with a high fat percentage in your body. Adding a cup of curd to your meal is the simplest way to add calcium to your diet. Other than this, curd also has probiotics that keep your gut healthy and provide you with adequate protein. For a delectable snack, you can even serve curds as a dip with steamed vegetables.
  5. Eggs: Eggs are an excellent source of protein. The healthy fats and protein in eggs will keep you feeling full for a long time because they are also calorie-dense. Apart from this, eggs have choline in them that helps burn belly fat. An egg omelette loaded with vegetables is an ideal breakfast that you can have in your diet to reduce belly fat.
  6. Fish: The major benefit of adding fish and fish oil to your diet to lose belly fat is the omega 3 fatty acids in it. These omega 3 fats affect melatonin, which is crucial to maintaining your sleep  cycle. This in turn helps cut down on late-night snacking, which is one of the many reasons for the accumulation of fat in your body. However, keep in mind that the way you cook fish is very important (avoid the deep-frying method). A simple fish curry as an accompaniment to your diet to reduce belly fat would be a perfect healthy option.
  7. Basil seeds or sabja: These foods that burn belly fat  are storehouses of vitamins and dietary fibre. Eating these prior to or along with your meals keeps you full and prevents overeating. These seeds are also rich in copper, calcium, iron and omega 3 fatty acids that assist in the burning of belly fat. You can soak one tablespoon of sabja seeds in a glass of water and drink it, or you can add it to faloodas or popsicles.

Always make sure that the diet plan to lose belly fat that you follow is balanced. Along with this, add the above-mentioned foods to your daily meals. Make sure that you also burn whatever calories that you eat through some sort of physical activity. Belly fat cannot be lost overnight. A long-term change in your diet and lifestyle is the key to reducing it. So add these belly fat-burning foods to your daily diet and kickstart your fat loss journey.