Lack of sleep, stress, and over consumption of junk foods threw you in a slump of hormonal imbalance? It’s time to switch to foods for hormones like avocados, flaxseeds, and green tea. This hormonal imbalance diet will not only bring your hormonal balance back but will also impart many other health benefits to your body. 

7 Foods for hormonal balance


It is critical to maintain hormonal balance for many reasons other than reproductive and sexual health. According to Zandra Palma, MD of Parsley Health, our hormones control many of our body's functions in real time, including mood, energy, sleep, metabolism, immune system and social behaviour.

Not only that, but the Endocrine Society claims that when hormones are out of balance, they can cause diabetes, weight gain or loss, weak bones, infertility, and many other medical issues. That's a long list of problems manifested due to a hormonal imbalance diet, and it's certainly a cause for concern. As eating hormone balancing foods can help prevent these issues, they are a must in our everyday diet.

How Food Affects Hormones?

Hormone synthesis and the mechanisms via which they communicate are influenced heavily by what we consume. According to Melissa Groves Azzaro, RDN, LD, a dietitian specialising in PCOS, hormones, and fertility at Avocado Grove Nutrition Medical Group, "Our hormones love healthy fats found in avocado, nuts, and seeds, as well as ample fibre from fruits and vegetables.” Quality proteins, like fish, eggs, and meat, are also great foods for a hormone balancing diet. Contrarily, artificial sweets, pesticides, and alcohol can harm hormones.

You must also intake an adequate amount of calories every day. Women's bodies are particularly sensitive to the lack of calories, making foods that balance hormones in females extremely important. Your body might downregulate the production of important hormones if it doesn't feel like it is getting the right food.

Food for a Hormone Balancing Diet

Almonds can assist in the management of blood sugar levels in the human body and are considered a fantastic food for hormonal imbalance diets. They may reduce the possibility of developing type 2 diabetes in the long run. Additionally, these nuts aid in the reduction of harmful cholesterol in the body and also fall under the category of foods that balance hormones in females. Why? Because many women experience bone density reduction early in life, and almonds are a rich source of calcium and magnesium.

The list of hormone balancing foods is incomplete without avocados. It is regarded as one of the world's healthiest fruits for many reasons. Avocados are high in fibre and healthy fats, making them a great option if you’re trying to get in shape. Consumption of avocados reduces oestrogen absorption while increasing testosterone levels, resulting in a balance in these hormones. However, avocados contain a lot of calories and, hence, should be consumed in moderation. A quarter of an avocado every day is good for your health. Make this creamy avocado sauce at home to complement all your dishes.

Regular intake of broccoli may affect our hormone balance significantly. This is because of the influence it has on how the body breaks down oestrogen. Sulforaphane, a component found in broccoli, also plays a vital role in bringing balance to your hormones. Moreover, it helps with fatty liver related issues and in clearing the liver detoxification pathways, which are essential for oestrogen metabolism. Broccoli is also high in potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

Including flaxseed in your regular diet can improve your health and hormonal balance. It's high in antioxidants, fibre, and good fats: A combination that can do wonders for your hormonal health. Flaxseed has long been established as an excellent food for hormone imbalance due to its high vitamin and essential fatty acid content.

Green Tea
It is a well established fact that green tea is a goldmine of many health benefits. But did you know that it is also one of the most effective hormone balancing foods? Green tea contains theanine, a substance that can substantially decrease cortisol release, which is also referred to as a major stress hormone. Apart from that, green tea also exhibits antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. You can try this amazing Kashmiri green tea for balancing hormones.

Closing Thoughts

Our hormones influence everything, including growth and development; metabolism; fertility; stress; mood; weight; and many other bodily functions. A diet rich in foods for hormones can encompass numerous fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and whole grains. All of these, taken in moderation, will help you keep your hormones in check.

Many foods are specifically recommended for women when dealing with hormonal imbalance. For example, foods like avocados, green leafy vegetables, and nuts are considered foods that balance hormones in females. Make sure you add these hormone balancing foods to your diet for a healthier and illness-free life.