Who doesn’t want smooth and glowing skin? You can make your skin healthy from the inside with the right nourishment and care. From carrots to broccoli to curd, many foods for glowing skin are found in nature that can bring out that mesmerising radiance you always wanted. 

10 Foods for Glowing and Healthy Skin

It is natural to desire bright, smooth and beautiful skin, as it goes a long way in defining your beauty and appeal. To nourish your skin, you need to embrace a face glow diet that consists of specific foods that are good for the skin. The right foods can cleanse your system and make your skin healthy from the inside.

Interested in learning what face glow foods you should include in your daily diet? You’re in luck. We have listed some foods good for skin below to help you develop a diet for good skin. 

Foods for Glowing Skin

1.    Citrus fruits: 
a.    When it comes to food for glowing skin fruits like oranges, sweet lime and grapefruit are rich in vitamin C and contribute to maintaining healthy skin. 
b.    One small orange contains 42.7 mg of vitamin C, helping you meet more than 50% of your day’s requirement of 80 mg/day and 65 mg/day for a normal adult man and woman, respectively.
2.    Carrot:  
a.    Carrots are vegetables that can well be considered a superfood for skin as they support its health and play a role in the production of collagen. Consuming this skin care food daily in moderate quantities can have long term health benefits. 
b.    Eating a medium-sized (approx. 60g) carrot every day can help you achieve around 65% of the recommended intake of 840µg/day of vitamin A for women. The RDA of Vitamin A for men is 1000 µg/day.
3.    Broccoli: 
a.    It contains zinc and antioxidants like Vitamin A and C which makes this cruciferous vegetable a valuable food for healthy skin. 
b.    It is also rich in lutein, a component present in the skin that enhances its tone and improves skin wellbeing. 
4.    Curd:
a.    It serves as a natural probiotic and contains ‘good bacteria’ that create a nourishing environment in the gut. Our gut and skin health are interlinked because the healthy microorganisms present in the gut dictate the skin’s immunity, creating a barrier that helps in warding off harmful organisms. For this reason, it is also considered an important skin food. 
b.    A wonderful skincare food, the curd is a staple in most Indian households. Its antimicrobial and immune-boosting property makes it an essential part of a healthy diet for glowing skin.
5.    Fatty Fish: 
a.    Fatty fishes like Hilsa, Seenghala, Pomfret and Tilapia are an important source of omega 3 fatty acids, the nutrient that prevents inflammation and aids in skin hydration, preventing dryness and ensuring the skin stays moist and supple.
b.    Fatty fish also provide the mineral selenium and protein, which is necessary to maintain the integrity of skin cells – a condition where all cells stay bound together.
6.    Eggs: 
a.    Eggs are one of the primary foods for healthy skin that are available widely. Eggs are the best source of protein and contain vitamin A, biotin and selenium, the micronutrients that promote healthy skin and boost immunity.
b.    Whether you sneak in chopped hard-boiled eggs in salads or scramble them to accompany rotis, a diet for healthy skin must include eggs.
7.    Almonds: 
a.    Along with providing healthy fats and a considerable amount of fibre, almonds contain a significant portion of vitamin E, which fights skin-damaging free radicals. These components make it one of the best foods good for skin. 
b.    You can munch on a few of these seeds as a snack, or powder them and add them to milkshakes, as each tsp. provides 1.3 mg of vitamin E, making them one excellent food that makes skin glow. 
8.    A handful of seeds: 
a.    Apart from being rich in Vitamin E, they are also an excellent source of zinc. Zinc helps in wound healing and provides stability to cell walls and should be included in your diet for glowing skin. 
b.    Add a dash of powdered flax seeds to your soup on a cool winter evening or pop in a til laddu during snack time to fuel your zinc reserves. Each laddu weighing 20 g can provide up to 1.5 mg of zinc.
9.    Dark Chocolate: 
a.    While it may feel like a paradox to include chocolate in a diet for healthy skin, dark chocolate can do wonders. In fact, dark chocolate is categorised as a skin care food with benefits like prolonged skin hydration. 
b.    Rich in antioxidants, iron and zinc, bite into a piece guilt-free, for unsweetened dark chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa can do your skin a lot of good. 
10.    Green tea: 
a.    Known for its many benefits, green tea is also a skincare food, or rather a drink. This is because of its antibacterial and antiviral properties.
b.    Green tea can also aid in reducing inflammation and acne as it is loaded with antioxidants.

Tips for Healthy Skin

The following are some valuable guidelines you can follow apart from including foods for healthy skin in your daily diet:

  • Drink sufficient water: Water acts as a lubricant and keeps the skin moist.
  • Fresh fruits are your best buddies: Fruits are an excellent food for glowing skin. They contain fibre as well as essential nutrients that may be lost while extracting just the juice from the fruit.
  • urtail alcohol: Avoid overconsumption of alcohol as it can dehydrate the skin and drain it of its moisture.
  • Inspect cooking method: Avoid fried foods as excess fat intake can lead to inflammation and accelerate the ageing process of your skin. 


You are what you eat, and your skin is the mirror of the body’s internal wellness. Hence, only investing in skincare creams and masks is not going to do the trick. You need to make a few dietary modifications and embrace foods that make skin glow, as discussed above. Instead of spending a lot of money on superficial hacks, you can simply watch what you eat and notice the difference.