Sreejil पूछा गया
26th अक्टूबर, 20 05:55 PM

My baby is now 18+ months. We were using Nan pro 3. Now I wish to introduce excella pro. Which one should I buy for her ? अधिक पढ़ें

swetha पूछा गया
5th अक्टूबर, 20 07:38 PM

My 4yr old baby girl hates rice

Buddha पूछा गया
4th अक्टूबर, 20 10:03 PM

My child is 16 month now but she refuse to eat food pls give me suggestions

Deepika पूछा गया
29th सितंबर, 20 02:08 PM

I m getting all sweet options for snack time.. can I get savoury options.. my kid has preference for it

Deepika पूछा गया
29th सितंबर, 20 02:03 PM

Want to thank Nestle for such a good help.. I also wanna know exact nutrition for 15 month old kid

Esha पूछा गया
18th सितंबर, 20 11:44 PM

Kid does not eat vegetables

Simmy पूछा गया
9th सितंबर, 20 11:34 PM

My baby is 2 and half years old and she is not eating anything..she only likes to have fluids

Sukhpreet पूछा गया
8th सितंबर, 20 08:29 PM

I need a food chart for my baby... nd he doesn't like milk plz tell me some suggestions about milk

Ruby पूछा गया
7th सितंबर, 20 04:59 PM

Food chart for underweight 1.5 year old girl

Krishna पूछा गया
4th सितंबर, 20 09:57 PM

He want to eat to much sweet