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Prathibha पूछा गया
13th दिसम्बर, 20 12:37 PM

My child is 1.2 yr old only 9kgs he is not eating properly what to do

पूछा गया
13th दिसम्बर, 20 12:31 PM

My child is 1year 2months but weight is only 9kgs.most of the times he refuses to eat we mostly give infant cereal... अधिक पढ़ें

Nitin पूछा गया
8th दिसम्बर, 20 09:46 PM

My son is 2 years 9 month old and his height 84 cm , weight 10 kg. Kindly guide me how to improve this...

Deepak पूछा गया
6th दिसम्बर, 20 03:22 PM

What should I give my 6year boy he is too fatty

chanchal पूछा गया
29th नवंबर, 20 11:55 AM

Paneer healthy snack

chirag पूछा गया
29th नवंबर, 20 05:00 AM

High calorie rich food

Jaanvi पूछा गया
27th नवंबर, 20 09:24 PM

And na to uski hight bad rhi h and na hi wait

Jaanvi पूछा गया
27th नवंबर, 20 09:22 PM

Mere bete ko bhukh nhi lgti koi solution btaya pls

Indira पूछा गया
23rd नवंबर, 20 11:59 PM

My baby boy is 3 years 10 months his weight is 14 is this ok

Chitra पूछा गया
29th अक्टूबर, 20 11:20 PM

4 years 6 months his height is 97cm. Weight is 15 kg plz help me to gain his weight with some food plan and for height... अधिक पढ़ें