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ravisingh952@gmail.com पूछा गया
2nd मई, 22 04:31 PM

My child is 4.8 years of age and their weight is 15.1kg which is below average. What should I do to increase their weight... अधिक पढ़ें

radhika पूछा गया
6th मार्च, 22 10:14 PM

How to increase height in 10 year old boys?

Urvashi पूछा गया
26th फ़रवरी, 22 11:49 PM

Dite chart

spoorthi पूछा गया
18th फ़रवरी, 22 05:26 AM

Is daily cheese intake good for 10-11 yes n 6-7 years kids

Babita पूछा गया
13th फ़रवरी, 22 12:37 AM

How to make Nestle nangrow

Devika पूछा गया
31st जनवरी, 22 03:17 PM

Remedies for Constipation problems r

Karthik पूछा गया
24th जनवरी, 22 12:19 AM

My kid is 2.4 years old.His height is 84cm and weight is 10.5kg..He is very active ..Is it ok or do o need to consult... अधिक पढ़ें

momt पूछा गया
17th जनवरी, 22 03:26 PM

how to make cerelac

Rahila पूछा गया
25th दिसम्बर, 21 02:16 PM

I am very much worried about my daughters health she stop drinking milk and very much fussy about eating?

Sushma Prachi पूछा गया
17th दिसम्बर, 21 10:40 PM

Hi,meri beti ka wajan bhut km h or hight bhi km h