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Growth Tracker
The growth tracker helps you assess the growth of your child, with respect to other Indian children of the same age group. The growth assessment is based on the child’s height, age, weight and gender

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The recommendations are for healthy children between 6 months to 12 years of age. Please enter appropriate age.
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Weight as per age ({{crtData.weight}}kg)

A little {{vitalData.weight > weightRange[1] ? "over" : "under"}} the ideal weight range

Within the ideal weight range

({{weightRange[0]}}kg - {{weightRange[1]}}kg)
Height as per age ({{crtData.height}}cm)

A little less than desired height
as per age

Desired height as per age

{{heightRange[1]}}cm {{heightRange[0]}}cm
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*Disclaimer: Basis WHO & IAP growth charts for children up to 12 years of age. The growth charts are adapted versions of IAP growth charts for healthy children and are for guidance purpose only. The results shown here are indicative and based on height and weight entered. Please consult a doctor to know more. The pattern of growth of a child changes with time. We recommend you to consider height, weight and BMI together.