Things to keep in mind for a travelling mom to be

Travelling during pregnancy? Great, just keep these in mind

Your normal life doesn’t have to come to a standstill just because you are pregnant, unlike what a lot of women and their well-wishers believe! While this delicate phase is usually accompanied by various physical and physiological changes, travelling during early pregnancy can be safe and comfortable, if you follow the right tips. Whether you are travelling for work or pleasure, just make sure you consult your doctor and nutritionist to get personalised guidance regarding what to eat, how to stay fit, what to wear and so on.

Also, do keep this checklist handy, for a safe and happy journey:

  • Before planning a trip, visit your gynaecologist. Get examined, watch your parameters, ensure you are on track with vaccinations, get the latest prescriptions if need be, and follow any guidelines that may be advised by the expert.
  • Put together a customised medical kit. Gather all your medications, supplements, and basic first supplies. Remember to keep this handy all throughout your trip.
  • Make the most of apps and websites that allow you to limit distances, time taken, and stress, as well as enhance access to medical facilities, healthy dietary options, physical space, and flexibility. Getting your trip itinerary in place, well in advance, will not only enable you to shuttle around easily, but it will also be economical and hassle-free.
  • Do away with excess luggage and travel as light as possible. Bring out all of those loose-fitting cotton clothes and flat footwear.
  • Emergency contacts must be on your quick dials and open for anyone to access. Make sure to keep your doctor’s number handy too.
  • Lock your bags well ahead. Last-minute packing may cause you to forget important things and will keep you on your toes even before you start towards your destination. Conserving your energy must be a constant priority.

Ticking off your checklist will also depend on the mode of travel you have opted for.

  • For instance, is it safe to travel during pregnancy by car? It is, if you can manage a comfortable reclining position, get sufficient leg room and can buckle your seat belt on, just below your belly. If you are going to do the driving, start ahead of your usual schedule so that you can have a peaceful drive. Long distances are not a very good idea at this time. If you are left without a choice, try giving yourself occasional breaks, so that you can stretch, snack and hydrate.
  • Booking buses may require a little research. Select air-conditioned buses with good suspension to make travelling as easy and jerk-free as possible. Booking aisle seats can allow you to stand up occasionally too.
  • Keep in mind these tips and tricks for air travel during pregnancy as well. However, while booking flight tickets, a cut off pregnancy period is set by various airlines and country laws, which need to be adhered to. It goes without saying, seat belts are a must during air travel.
  • If a cruise is on the agenda, first find out if there will be a medical practitioner on board. Secondly, double-check your access to good medical facilities at every halt. Lastly, remember that exposure to viruses on cruises can increase your vulnerability to infections. Hence, your personal hygiene needs your utmost attention.
  • Lastly, make wise dietary choices, to suit your health and your mode of travel. Carry clean, filtered water and stay adequately hydrated throughout. Load up on fruits that can be peeled off, or eat well-cooked vegetables. If you want milk, ensure it is homogenized, pasteurized, and well-packaged. Occasional snacking can help feed the two of you adequately. Nevertheless, try making healthy choices and do not allow salt, sugar, refined flour or fats to build up inside you. You might also want to avoid non-vegetarian foods on long journeys, due to possible hygiene and cleanliness concerns.

Unless your pregnancy is complicated, or your choice of destination is facing a viral outbreak or a disaster, travelling when pregnant should be alright. Keep the above tips in mind and listen to that gut feeling, always.