Follow these tips and you should be safe partying during pregnancy

Tips for Safe Partying During Pregnancy

It’s true that to experience a safe and healthy pregnancy, you need to be mindful of your diet and lifestyle. However, giving birth to a new life doesn’t have to deprive you of all the fun you used to have! So, partying while pregnant is not an impossible scenario, if you follow some smart and healthy tips. You have to especially choose food items wisely while eating out, for your safety as well as your baby’s. Opting for comfortable and breathable clothes and replacing heels with flats or cushioned shoes are among the helpful ideas too.

Make sure to carry any medication that you might have been prescribed and always head out with your partner or a friend. This way, you will always have someone to take care of you, in case of any emergency. Instead of staying cooped up at home, going out and socialising can boost your mood and confidence too. Plus, who doesn’t like getting compliments on their glowing skin? So, follow these tips and get ready to party.

  1. Choose mocktails over cocktails- It is always advisable to go for cranberry juice, mango punch, fruit shake or lemon juice as a beverage option, instead of cocktails or alcoholic drinks. Alcohol is linked to stillbirths, premature births and low birth weight of newborns, among other complications. So, keep yourself well-hydrated by choosing plain water, iced water or fresh fruit juices if needed. Coconut water is another nutritious and tasty choice.
  2. Go for healthy food options- If you are going out when pregnant, it is wise to check all the food options available at a party. Select something nutritious and filling, like a whole grain sandwich, chicken soup, a light pasta or rice dish, or veggie stews. Avoid anything with uncooked eggs like mayonnaise and also raw fish. It is better to stay away from excessively spicy dishes too, as these can lead to acid reflux and heartburn. Keep an eye on options which include nuts, wheat crackers, cooked or grilled chicken, and cheese cubes. These are healthy food items and will provide you satiety.
  3. Enjoy fresh fruits and veggies- Select colourful fruits and vegetables which are full of fibre, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. They can boost your immunity too. Plus, if you are yearning for something sweet, fruits can replace unhealthy cakes, cookies or doughnuts.
  4. Pack healthy snacks- A party might not always have healthy snacking options, and so it is always recommended to pack a healthy snack in your bag. Keep roasted nuts or a healthy homemade protein bite with you, which you can nibble until you sit down for dinner. Whole fruits make for easy snacks too.
  5. Get a gift which you can enjoy- If it’s a potluck party, or a casual lunch or dinner, feel free to get a healthy and fancy gift that you can enjoy too. A bottle of sparkling cider, a huge fruit salad, a bowl of your favourite dip, or a tray of wheat berries and wild rice, can make for innovative and nutritious gifts.
  6. Be assertive about your preference- Know that it is alright to stress on the nutritious value of a dish when you are pregnant. So, if possible, request the chef to cook you something healthy like tossed veggies, soups etc. He or she can put together a fresh fruit salad as well.
  7. Avoid smoking- It is recommended that you quit smoking even before you plan your pregnancy, as there are multiple studies that show that smoking can lead to preterm deliveries, low birth weight babies and other complications. If you have recently quit, consciously stay away from cigarettes by chatting with friends or sipping on fresh juice. Avoid secondary cigarette smoke too.
  8. Relax and take a break when you feel uneasy- If a party is going on for hours, or you are just tired of meeting people, find a comfy seat in a corner and rest. During pregnancy, hot flashes, uneasiness, heartburn, and indigestion are common problems. And in a crowded place, these symptoms might be difficult to avoid. So, it is advisable to relax or even head back home, if you are exhausted or unwell.


During pregnancy, stepping outside and having a good time with friends can boost your morale and make your journey towards motherhood an exciting one. All you have to do to stay safe is eat healthy, dress comfortably, stay hydrated, and carry prescribed medicines. Speak up if you feel uneasy and contact a doctor in case of any emergency. Just listen to your body and act accordingly, and you will be fine.