Discover a variety of calcium-rich vegan food sources to support strong bones and overall health. From leafy greens to seeds and nuts, let us explore calcium-rich plant foods for vegans looking to maintain optimal bone health without compromising their plant-based lifestyle.

With more people transitioning to vegan diets than ever before, having the right information is essential to making sure you’re getting all the vital nutrients your body needs. Calcium, a crucial mineral typically found in dairy and meat, can be challenging to source in a vegan diet. Therefore, it's essential for those on plant-based diets to explore the available options. In this article, we’ll explore some plant-based calcium sources as well as some delicious recipes you can follow. Whether you’re just starting down a plant-based path or have been vegetarian/vegan for years, this post will introduce some healthy calcium-rich vegan foods that can do wonders for your health.

Why Bone Health Matters

Prioritising bone health is vital for both men and women throughout their lives. Calcium plays a crucial role in bone structure, density, and strength. For women in particular, significant bone loss takes place after menopause. On the other hand, older males also face a greater risk of experiencing hip fractures. Therefore it is crucial for both men and women to meet the daily intake of calcium (1000mg per day)  to maintain bone health, prevent osteoporosis, and diminish the likelihood of fractures or bone-related problems in the later stages of life.

Top 10 Vegan Sources of Calcium
Since dairy products are one of the most common sources of calcium, vegans have to be a bit more careful about their calcium intake. Fortunately, there are many calcium-rich plant foods that can help you reach your recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of calcium without consuming any animal or dairy products. Listed below are some vegan foods high in calcium:

Vegan Calcium Food Sources Food Benefits Calcium Content (mg) Per 100 g
Millets Ragi Ragi, also known as finger millet, is one of the best plant-based sources of calcium. It’s also packed with fiber and protein and is gluten-free, making it a nutritious food option to include in your daily meals. 364.0
Amaranth, brown As per research, amaranth grains can enhance calcium balance in the bloodstream, kidneys, and liver. 162.0
Legumes Horse Gram (kulith) Horse-gram boasts excellent calcium bioavailability, making it an ideal calcium-rich vegan food. 269.0
Bengal-Gram Research indicates that Bengal gram is known to enhance calcium absorption, making it a good choice for vegans looking to boost their calcium intake. 150.0
Dairy Alternatives Soy Milk Both soymilk and almond milk made from soybean and almonds are abundant in protein, calcium and essential nutrients, making them healthy, plant-based choices that can contribute to supporting strong muscles and organs. 123
Almond Milk 54
Green Leafy Vegetables Agathi Leaves

Agathi leaves are an excellent calcium-rich vegan food and have earned the reputation of being a bone strengthener.

Similarly, amaranth leaves and other green leafy vegetables like pumpkin leaves, drumstick leaves and parsley are ideal choices for vegans to increase calcium levels in their body.

Amaranth Leaves 359.7
Nuts and Seeds Gingelly Seeds, White (Sesam Um indicum) Sesame seeds are a fantastic natural source of manganese and calcium, essential for promoting strong and healthy bone growth.

Almonds, being a good phosphorus- and calcium-rich vegan food, contribute to improved bone health and may help protect you from fractures.
Almonds 228


You can include these vegan calcium sources of food in your meals using the following recipes:

Meal Recipe

Ragi methi cheela

Ragi porridge


Ragi dosa

Amaranth thoran

Corn coconut drumstick leaves salad

Sesame coconut chutney


Dry fruit bar

Nuts mixed seeds chikki

Ragi appam with coconut


Chickpea protein soup

Kulith dal

Agathi keerai poriyal


It’s important to note that if you are currently dealing with any medical condition, it’s always best to consult with a healthcare professional before adding these plant sources of calcium to your diet. 


To sum up, it’s possible to get plenty of calcium from vegan foods. By understanding plant-based sources of calcium and incorporating them into your meals, you can ensure that you are consuming enough of this important mineral. However, make sure you practice portion control when consuming these vegan calcium sources of food, as eating too much may do more harm than good! Additionally, learning about and experimenting with vegan ingredients can also open the door to delicious new culinary experiences. Whether you’re transitioning to a vegan diet or already follow one, there will always be new vegan foods with calcium to explore!