“I’m bored!”

You may have lost track of how many times you have heard your kids complain of boredom during school vacations, or extended periods of time at home. It can be hard for parents to come up with different, entertaining, low-stress activities for the whole family. In our experience, there are few activities that are as engaging and productive as getting the kids in the kitchen together to cook. It offers a great opportunity to have your family reconnect with one another and work together to accomplish something delicious! Rather than struggling to get your children to eat healthy and stay occupied, you can find a way to combine both tasks simply by getting the kids involved in preparing meals.

While it may sound messy and laborious as first, you can incorporate cleaning as you cook, to get kids into the habit of cleaning up after themselves. There are plenty of recipes that do not involve knives or using the stove, and kids can start out with those under supervision before you try out more advanced recipes that will require more of your assistance.

Cooking has always proven to be an exciting, and relaxing activity, even more so if you get the whole family together to prepare healthy, delicious meals that everyone loves. Kids getting together to cook has many advantages, for one, it is collaborative. In the process, kids learn to ask for help, share and work together with others. Cooking is also a result-based activity, so completion is extremely satisfying for those involved - especially when you can eat the results! Perhaps it may encourage a new hobby or passion for culinary arts, where influences usually start very early-on in a child’s life.

Here are some helpful tips to get started:

1. Set a challenge

Breakfast is a great way to start your new activity, and to start your day of course! Why not get the kids to help out with a late Saturday breakfast and make a routine out of it - it is easy and fun. Here is an easy recipe you may like to try for a healthy, nutritious breakfast: https://www.asknestle.in/recipes/apple-cheese-sandwich

2. Prepare a refreshing summer drink

If you have mangoes handy during the summertime, you can have your kids whip up an incredible smoothie that is healthy, refreshing and delicious. Try this simple recipe for some aam-azing results: https://www.asknestle.in/recipes/mango-banana-smoothie

3. Snacking done right!

To beat the early evening hunger pangs, get your kids to help prepare some quick, healthy snacks. It is an easy way to incorporate some extra vegetables into your kids diet, and it beats processed foods like chips and biscuits. Plus, you can enjoy them too!
Here’s the perfect place to start:

4. Make protein an essential part of your kids’ diet

Protein-packed side dishes or snacks are an easy, efficient way to increase your child’s protein intake. As they grow, they need to consume adequate amounts of protein, and simple additions to their diet can go a long way to meet their daily protein requirements. Try an easy salad like this: https://www.asknestle.in/recipes/chickpea-salad

There are plenty of recipes that you can try out along with your kids, and ask them to suggest options. Maybe even try putting together a weekly menu along with them! Feel free to check out our page with additional kid-friendly recipes: https://www.asknestle.in/recipes/recipes-to-make-with-your-child

Get started today! Embrace the chaos, and enjoy the fun.