Want to start your day right? Dive into our guide for iron rich breakfast ideas, featuring breakfast foods packed with iron to supercharge your mornings. Discover some of the top breakfast foods with iron content and how you can make iron an essential part of your day for optimal health.

Breakfast, often hailed as the 'most important meal of the day,' lays the groundwork for a balanced diet. As renowned nutritionist Adelle Davis stated, "Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper." This saying truly encapsulates the importance of breakfast.

Given this foundational role, it's crucial that your breakfast is packed with essential nutrients. Amongst the many nutrients, iron is an important mineral you must incorporate into this meal. Iron is integral to the production of haemoglobin - the protein in red blood cells responsible for transporting oxygen throughout the body. An iron rich breakfast not only keeps your energy levels high but also contributes to your overall well-being. Let's delve into the diverse world of high iron breakfast foods, their benefits, and some delicious recipes to start your day off strong.

Breakfast Foods High in Iron

When it comes to robust, iron rich breakfast foods, various options offer both delicious taste and substantial nutritional value. If you are looking for some iron rich breakfast ideas, here are some:

Fortified Cereals and Millet

Amaranth and Bajra are considered iron powerhouses in the grain world. 100 grams of edible amaranth and bajra provide approximately 7.61 mg and 8.0 mg of iron respectively. Regular consumption of these grains can bolster haemoglobin levels, making them prime candidates for breakfast foods with iron. If you're looking for a delicious high iron breakfast, you might relish a warm, iron-laden Bajra porridge, a breakfast option that nourishes the body while delighting the palate.

Non-Vegetarian food:

For non-vegetarians, incorporating iron-rich foods like egg into breakfast can be a great way to kickstart your day. Just one boiled egg contains 1.87 mg of iron. One tasty and easy option you can try is a simple boiled egg sandwich. You can also prepare a flavourful boiled egg bhurji.

Green Vegetables

Greens such as spinach are abundant in iron. Consuming roughly 100 grams of spinach offers about 2.95mg of iron. Combined with wheat flour, which provides around 4.10 mg of iron per 100 grams of serving, Spinach parathas are a surefire way to amplify your morning iron intake and save a sweet spot in the list of high iron breakfast recipes.

Dry Fruits

Dried black raisins are a fantastic source of iron, providing you with approximately 6.81 mg of iron per 100 grams of serving. They offer a convenient and nutritious addition to your healthy breakfast routine.

One way to enjoy them for breakfast is by soaking them overnight and incorporating them into your morning meal. Another delicious option is to try the maple raisin oatmeal recipe, which combines the sweetness of raisins with the comforting flavours of oatmeal.

Some Other Iron Rich Breakfast Recipes

Looking for some inspiration for iron rich breakfast ideas? Check out these mouthwatering, iron rich breakfast recipes that will help you start your day with a nutrient-packed boost.

Nachni (Ragi) Pancakes

When browsing high iron breakfast options, these wholesome nachni pancakes stand out as perfect amalgamation of health and flavour. Blend nachni flour, besan, onions, coriander, and a cup of water in a bowl to create a smooth batter. Next, add in the fruit salt with a splash of water. The pancakes are cooked on a non-stick mini uttapam pan, ensuring a light, healthy breakfast.

Lotus Stem Vegetable Dry

This lotus stem vegetable dish is a mouthwatering stir-fried dish that combines aromatic ingredients to create a flavorful and nutritious meal.

Saute onions and ginger garlic paste in oil. Add in your spices and chopped lotus stems and fry well. Add water and salt, cook well and finish it off with a sprinkle of black sesame seeds.

Packed with iron, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, this dish can be served as a delightful side with rotis or enjoyed on its own.

Oats Banana Date Smoothie

This revitalising smoothie combines the iron content of dates with the essential nutrients of bananas and the fiber-rich quality of oats. To create this creamy delight, blend half a cup of Nestlé A+ Curd with two soaked dates, a quarter cup of sliced bananas, a tablespoon of oats, and a quarter teaspoon of green elaichi powder.

The result is a creamy, nutrient-packed smoothie loaded with iron, making it one of the best iron rich breakfast food options.

Poha with Sprouts and Spinach

This poha dish melds vitamin C-rich sprouts with iron-packed spinach to form a nourishing breakfast. Sauté onions, mustard seeds, and green chillies in oil, then add spinach, sprouted matki, turmeric, soaked poha, and salt. Incorporate chopped tomatoes, mix well, and serve topped with a lemon squeeze and fresh coriander. This quick, iron-filled, and vitamin-rich meal is ideal for a fast-paced morning, earning it a top spot in the list of iron rich breakfast foods.


Starting your day with an iron-rich breakfast provides the energy and focus you need to tackle the day's tasks. Whether it's cereals, green veggies, dry fruits, or any other iron rich breakfast foods, there are countless ways to infuse your morning meals with this essential mineral. It's always prudent to consult with a healthcare professional for personalised advice and to address any signs of iron deficiency.